iPhone 6 plus iSight camera replacement program is free of charge

It’s a good news for the iPhone 6 plus users who are facing issues with its iSight camera. A few days ago, Apple has announced their new replacement program. This time, the program is addressed for iPhone 6 plus the iSight camera only. Apple found that in a small percentage of iPhone 6 plus device, the iSight camera has a component that may causing your photo and the viewfinder on camera look blurred. If we recall, Apple has the similar replacement program in the last year for iPhone 5 battery. They found that some of  iPhone 5 devices has shorter battery life, but again only a very small number. These replacement programs show how Apple always wants to give their customers the best experience.

This iPhone 6 plus iSight camera replacement program is free of charge. How to find out that your iPhone 6 plus is eligible for this program? You can check its serial number through the Apple official website. According to Apple explanation, this issue occurs on the devices that were sold primarily between September 2014 and January 2015.

Source: apple.com

Source: apple.com

If you own an iPhone 6 plus and if you are facing this issue, I suggest you to check your serial number, here. Even if you haven’t experienced any problems yet, check the serial number anyway. If it’s eligible for this program, you can ask for a replacement, even though the issue has not appeared yet, as a prevention. If you have already done the service and paid for your iPhone 6 plus iSight camera, and your iPhone 6 plus camera is eligible for this program, Apple can do the refund with terms and conditions that apply in each country.

You can contact the Apple technical support, or bring your device to Apple Authorized Service Provider, or Apple Retail Store for the replacement process. For your notice, usually, this program only changes the unit, not the whole component. Please make sure that you have backed up your data before you take your device to the Apple Store for a replacement.

Source: Apple.com

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