iPhone 6 Owner Decide to Check the Spectre Patch Using iOS 11.2.2

Meltdown and Spectre are creating a mess all over the world and even the most famous technology companies are working around the clock to improve things. Intel declared that the impact made by the patched is minimal and it released benchmark results showing that older computers were the most affected. However, an iPhone 6 owner wanted to test its smartphone and the result pinpointed that patches are slowing down iPhones as well.

The iPhone 6 test

Melvin Mughal, an iPhone 6 owner, decided to test his smartphone after upgrading it with the iOS 11.2.2. Mughal used Geekbenh 4.2.1 and the results showed that the iPhone 6 suffered a big performance decrease after the iOS 11.2.2 update.

The iPhone 6 owner explained that he had no apps running at the moment of the test, the device was not jailbreaked or had battery changes. Also the iPhone 6 had not been a refurbished model and it did not contain exotic configurations.

The results showed that the single-core and multi-core dropped from 1561 to 924 (41%) and from 2665 to 1616 (39%).

Online users react

After publishing his results online, many users commented on the results. Some said that this kind of decrease in performance can trigger the death of high end games such as Clash of Clans. Others compared the decrease in terms of buying an iPhone 7 and getting an iPhone 5.

Some users said that one sample is not enough to prove a final result and that he does not observe any change on his iPhone. Other added that some Android devices are much better using a Snapdragon 835 processor.

A furious user said that he did the same test and his results showed no decrease: single core 1532 and multi core 2696

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