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iPhone 2019 May Not Come with the ToF sensors; Delayed to 2020

Latest reports suggest that Apple may not be able to add the Time of Flight (ToF) sensor to its iPhone 11 range to be released in about six weeks’ time. Earlier reports had suggested that Apple had entered into an agreement with a supplier in Japan for the ToF sensors and they would form part of the new camera setup in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max at least. The rumor was that the ToF sensor will be fitted with the rear camera arrangement.

The paucity of Time Cited as the Reason

These reports now indicate that Apple did not have sufficient time at its disposal to add the ToF sensor to the scheme of things with this year’s phones. The company makes the announcements in September and immediately following that the pre-orders will start. The shipments will commence after that.

Huge Expectations with the Newt Year’s iPhones

Apple fans and followers are resigned to the fact that there won’t be dramatic changes coming with the iPhones this year. One major reason is that the company plans to come up with many changes in the next year’s iteration. To start with, there will be an additional 5G-enabled iPhone next year. The camera section will have a new technology Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL). This technology will be applied in specific cases like Face ID, Animoji and Portrait mode selfies.

Already, there are rumors that the display sizes of the iPhone 12 R, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max of 2020 are likely to be 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches respectively. The fourth, 5G iPhone, may be a variant of the top-end iPhone 12 Max with a different processor. Some claim all four models may have a 5G variant. It is more than a year to go and many changes can take place between now and then. There is the issue of the display too, where the toss-up between the LCD and OLED panels is an ongoing thing. It was said Apple may change all models to OLED panels but cost considerations have held its hand back.

Await more information after the 2019 iPhones are out.

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