iPhone 2019 Leaks Reveals New Lightning Technologies

When it comes to mobile devices, there is a very strong competition between a large number of brands. For some time now we have seen Apple and Samsung fight over the top dog position. With the South Korean company working hard on coming up with a large number of devices which introduce all the latest pieces of technology, Apple must work harder than ever to ensure that they are still just as relevant on the market and that they are still one of the best brands of smartphones out there.

Of course, we are not meaning to imply that the tech giant has failed in the past when it comes to having quality devices. Today we will be focusing on the latest change that the company has decided to add to their next line of iPhones.

Lightning port to change to USB Type-C

A recent series of rumors suggest that the company is going to drop the lightning cable so that they can start to use USB type-C for their next smartphones. If we are to take these rumors as the truth then we can expect the company to introduce this feature with iPhone 9 and use it for the next series of smartphones that they will release in the future as well.


Most of us are aware that USB Type-C has become the latest standard in charging technology for almost every smartphone out there. This is why we were expecting to see just when Apple would add this technology to their smartphones. What we are excited to see is just how will the tech giant incorporate and fuse this technology with their already exciting design.

From what we know so far, the company is set to release a new line-up of smartphones on the market. We will get to see a standard iPhone with an LED display, one with an OLED display and the iPhone X Plus. This device is set to have a larger display.

We also know from a series of reliable sources that the company is set to release new iPads with USB Type-C charging ports. By now you may have wondered just when this next piece of technology will become available. Well, do not expect to see it arrive in the market until at least March of 2019. Some say that the company will decide to keep the lightning port as well in some form but we do not believe that this rumor hold much ground since taking the step towards USB Type-C is only the most logical move in Apple’s evolution.

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  1. 2019 iPhones can support at least 12 ram hopefully , 200+ ram on the iMac most probably something for IT dummies😳😜

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