iPhone 2019: Features, Specs, Price, Rumors and News

iPhone 2019: Features, Specs, Price, Rumors and News

During the year 2019, Apple is expected to continue its offerings of iPhones in different sizes and the price points are going to provide the customers with an array of choices. In the year 2018, the company offered iPhone XS with a 5.8-inch screen, the XS Max with 6.5 inches and the iPhone XR. A similar lineup can be expected in 2019 and perhaps the users can expect a similar continuation of devices that already arrived this year. We are not sure what the naming convention would be for the series of mobile devices that the company plans to offer to the customers. The possibility of iPhone 11 is on the cards. For the time between the release and the rumors of the phone, it is best to refer to these devices like iPhones to be released in 2019.

As a matter of fact, the rumors about the devices started pouring in before the announcement of iPhone XS and XR and a few details have surfaced about them. According to the news, Apple may continue offering OLED displays for the devices that are likely to arrive in 2019 while some others believe that the LED display of the iPhone XR can be done away with and if everything is to be believed, the company is likely to stick to LED due to the exorbitant prices of the OLED displays. The company may still decide to follow the 2019 phones that are likely to be upgraded to A 13 chips from TSMC, the chip supplier of Apple. The upgrades in the chip can improve the performance and the efficiency of the devices and A13 is not going to be different.

Rumors about the specifications

The rumors suggest that the next generation 6.5-inch phone includes plenty of features with a triple-lens camera at the rear portion while the rest of the successors to the devices released during 2018 are likely to feature a camera with dual-lens. We are not sure how the camera is going to appear but the company is probably working on a number of prototypes. With the triple-lens camera coming with an array of benefits such as 3D sensing for AR or augmented reality, a jump from 2X optical zoom to 3X optical zoom along with a genuinely good performance in low light cannot be ruled out.

You cannot overlook the front-facing camera system or True Depth with rumors that suggest that the notch may become smaller or the device may have no notch at all. A similar thing can be expected in the lineup of the devices being offered in 2019 and the 3D Touch is likely to come to an end in the new release.

Pencil support

Some rumors are on about the Pencil Support in the devices of 2019 facilitating the operation of the devices in the new style, but no concrete information has arrived yet. Most of the devices of 2019 from Apple are slated to arrive in September, and the schedule to be followed will probably preserve the tradition of the company.

Renderings and leaks

A primary source of leaks is an individual known to share the leaks of Apple devices and there are other sites that talk about the probable design and the appearance of the devices. Although the company is yet to arrive at a final decision, the designs based on the renderings can make the users happy, at least for now. While the first rendering includes a big and square-shaped rear camera with a protruding structure containing three lenses and a configuration that comes with a triangular shape, microphone, and a flash, the device looks extremely odd, you have to wait for the rest.

According to the second rendering, the rear camera looks like a mainstream aspect with a flash and a horizontal layout present in the middle of the three lenses. The microphone is located at the bottom with the volume buttons on the left side and the power button on the right side. The notch is slim with a front-facing camera system. However, it is difficult to predict the naming convention the company intends to follow, but one can make good guesses after taking a look at all the previous models.

Display of the device

For the last few years, the company has been working steadfastly to enhance the OLED supply chain to diversify and reduce the dependence on the other brands. The company has reportedly created a partnership with a company called Japan Display and bought an OLED panel to develop a site for research and development in Taiwan. The company is moving towards OLED-only lineup in the future and 2019 may be the year, but it is unlikely given the huge price of the OLED displays. While some rumors suggest that the mobile devices from Apple to be released during this year may have OLED display, the rest suggest that the company may carry on with the LCD screens. The potential devices of 2019 are likely to be lighter and thinner as the company has embraced the display technology called Y-OCTA combining the display panel with the touch layer. As the display panel is already thin, it is hard to predict how much the company plans to reduce the thickness of the devices.

3D Touch

It is expected that all the devices of 2019 may plan to eliminate the 3D Touch and even though the company has already called off this feature in one of its low-priced devices, iPhone XR, it can be entirely removed in future. As the Wall Street Journal says that the company may unveil all its three devices in the future without the support of 3D Touch.

iphone 2019 3G touch

The processor of the devices

In the phones that are to be released in 2019, TSMC is the primary and only supplier of the next-generation A13 processors and all the devices will probably include this chip to enhance the speed. This A13 chip is supposed to be created around 7 nm and a package including ultraviolet lithography. For efficiency in performance, this chip is surely going to do its work and fulfill the wishes of the customers.

Front Facing or TrueDepth Camera

According to rumors, Apple is planning to change the front-facing camera system in the devices that promote the functioning of Face ID. If the words of the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo are to be believed, the company may decide to launch a floor illuminator to improve the functioning of Face ID after reducing the impact of invisible light from the environment. Additionally, the company may also plan to reduce the size of the notch with the amalgamation of Face ID and the front-facing camera into a single module for face recognition.

The supplier AMS of Apple has announced that the all-new sensor technology will facilitate the IR proximity sensor and the RBG light present in the front-facing TrueDepth camera system to be present underneath an OLED display. Apple may plan to introduce this new sensor technology in its devices to be unveiled in 2019 and it may allow the company to reduce the notch of Face ID. However, the suggestions also reveal that the company may decide to do away with the notch completely. It is not exactly clear how the company plans to bring about this, but according to a prominent news site of Korea called ET News, the company may drill the hole in the display or use a patented Black Matrix display with several layers.

iphone 2019 truedepth camera

Rear Camera

The confirmed reports coming from The Wall Street Journal reveals that the company is planning to use a triple-lens camera system in at least one of its devices of 2019. As per the revelations of the site, the second-generation iPhone XS Max may feature this camera while its successors, the XR, and the XS may continue using the dual-lens cameras. The rumors that suggested the lunch of the 3D depth-sensing technology for the rear camera of the devices may not come true and this is now postponed to 2020.

The best the users can get from the triple-lens camera is the larger view, a sprawling zoom range, better performance in low light, and capture more pixels. Bloomberg says that Apple is working on a feature that may use the extra pixels to provide the tools required for repairing photo or video to fit it into the subject that may not have been included from the initial shot.

This system of three lenses may feature in one 10 MP camera, another camera of 14 megapixels and another, the details of which are still unknown.

iphone 2019 triple lens camera

Rumors you can hardly overlook


The research analyst of Artherton believed that Apple is likely to move away from Lightning and introduce a USB-C port as in iPad Pro another flagship model of the company launched previously. According to other sources, the devices from Apple to be launched in 2019 may use a USB-C port on the basis of the supply chain sources but the port is yet to reach the stage of design reference so no one knows for sure if the feature will make it to the new devices before the company finalizes when to launch them. Steve Hemmerst offer who claims to have the details of the prototypes of the 2019 devices, says no presence of USB-C port is noticed. Although the company is testing some versions of the devices with the USB-C port, no one is sure about its final plans.

Wi-Fi 6

Reports are on that Apple may implement the support needed for Wi-Fi 6 for higher rates of data, better capacity and performance in environments that are dense such as in the sporting events and concerts, it also helps in empowering the battery performance along with the other battery-powered devices.

iphone 2019 wifi 6

Under-Display Touch ID and 4×4 Mimo

The suggestions about the inclusion of the under-display Touch ID can be dismissed, given the fact that the company has adopted Face ID in the iPhone and the iPad line of devices. The rumors are also on about the inclusion 4×4 MIMO antenna design in XS and XS Max as against the 2×2 MIMO in iPhone XR. The change indicates that all the three devices slated to be released in 2019 may include the same LTE equipment for faster speed.

5G phones

While several other branded smartphone companies promise to deliver 5G phones in 2019 such as OnePlus, Samsung, and LG, it appears that Apple is still revealing the first wave. According to a report published in Bloomberg, the company may not deliver any of its devices with 5G connectivity until 2020. It is not going to be a big deal as major companies may roll out their networks across 2019. Another report also suggests that the company may develop its own modem to replace Intel in its devices, but even that may be a far-fetched reality and the users may not get a hint of it until 2020. There is no reason to fret as yet as the connectivity can go higher up with the pan of the company to introduce the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 in the lineup of 2019. Whatever the decision of the company may be, including this support is certainly going to boost the connectivity of the devices.

The final word

If you interpret the history of the product launches of Apple, there is a marked difference between the plans of the company and the wishes of the users. A rundown of the features mentioned above can build up the dream of people wanting to grab the first model of the iPhone to be released in 2019. What is in store for the iPhone models to be launched in 2019? There is no official confirmation yet and it seems for now that the models are to be unveiled not before September 2019. Until then, it is these rumors that will allow the users to stay on track with the lineup of the models to be revealed this year. However, the readers must also study the feasibility of the rumors so that they can choose the models readily as soon as the pre-orders of the phone open in 2019.



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