iPhone 2018 Lineup – Cheaper Prices, Removed Lighting Port and Donald Trump’s Promise to Tim Cook

iPhone 2018 Lineup – Cheaper Prices, Removed Lighting Port and Donald Trump’s Promise to Tim Cook

This past week has been filled with news about Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup. The internet is buzzing with rumors and speculations which are pointing towards an “affordable” iPhone X model and about the fact that US President Donald Trump made a promise to Apple CEO Tim Cook. With that being said, today we are going to check out everything there is to know about Apple’s upcoming iPhones and give fans an idea of what to expect.

Cheap iPhone X Model

Apple is a revolutionary company that’s always looking to innovate the smartphone industry. However, this all comes at a cost because the next-gen technology that Apple uses forces the company to charge a premium price for its devices. Take Apple’s latest iPhone X which is priced at over $1,000 for example.

On the downside of things, Apple fans are criticizing the company for being “money hungry” and according to rumors, Apple wants to prove everyone wrong by launching an affordable version of iPhone X. This smartphone will ship with the unique design that the current iPhone X is known for, but it will have some downgrades when it comes to specs such as using an LCD screen instead of OLED.

Removing the Lighting Port

As previously mentioned, Apple loves to revolutionize the smartphone industry. Apple took a huge risk when it removed the classic 3.55mm auxiliary port on iPhone 7, but it looks like Apple wants to take things even further.

A recent prototype leak for the next-gen iPhone X unveiled that Apple wants to remove the lighting port. This is truly a risky move since it means that the upcoming smartphone will have to rely on a wireless pad for charging and not everyone has one of those in their homes.

This will make it difficult for people to charge their iPhones while sitting in a bar or at a friend’s house who might be a fan of Android. Not just that but removing the lighting port will also make the new iPhone X incompatible with many headphones and third-party devices that require a cable connection.

Trump’s Promise to Apple

In case you didn’t know, Donald Trump is introducing new trade tariffs on Chinese technology and this is impacting Apple. All iPhones are manufactured in China and Donald Trump promised Apple CEO Tim Cook that smartphones and TVs will not need to pay the new tariffs. Therefore, Apple is not going to be affected by the new trade tariffs in any way.

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