iPhone 2018 and iPhone 9: Release Date, Specifications, Features, Rumors and News

iPhone 2018 and iPhone 9: Release Date, Specifications, Features, Rumors and News

Apple will be launching three new phones this September, but one of them might be a cheaper variant. It will probably be called the iPhone 9 and the price will be nearer to the price of the iPhone 8, rather than that of the iPhone X.  Last year, there was a lot of difference between the three offerings. We had the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. In addition, Apple also has plans for the iPhone SE follow up in 2018, as it has not had any major update after being released in 2014.

Three Variants

It is rumored that Apple will be launching one of the phones as a successor to the iPhone X of last year. This will be the flagship phone with OLED display and a large 6.5 inches screen, dubbed as the iPhone XS Plus with a dual rear camera and supporting wireless charging.  The second one will be a smaller screen, also OLED, of 5.8 inches, dubbed as the iPhone XS and sporting a dual rear camera. However, it is the third variant with an LCD display of 6.1 inches that is being dubbed as the iPhone 9 and it will have a single camera at the back. All the three iPhones will come with glass backs, according to leaked images.

iPhone X 2018

The Designs

The premier 6.5 inches OLED iPhone 2018, dubbed the iPhone XS Plus or XL Plus, will look like the supersized version of the present iPhone X. The 6.1 inches LCD iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 9, will come with a single lens camera and thicker bezels. The bezels of the iPhone 9 must be thicker, as Apple cannot use the technology used for OLED panels in case of an LCD panel.

According to Kuo in Mac Rumors, the 6.1 inches iPhone 9 will come in aluminum body and not glass. It will also not have the 3D Touch feature. Leaker Ice Universe has tweeted an image of screen protectors for the new lineup of iPhones 2018, where the iPhone 9 or the 6.1 inches device comes with a wider border.

iPhone 9 – An Affordable Option

Those looking for a cheaper affordable option might find it feasible to buy the iPhone 9 that will be released in September 2018. The talks are around one super-sized iPhone dubbed the iPhone XL or 11; a cheaper entry level one dubbed as iPhone 9, and another one dubbed as 11 Plus or X Plus. The super-sized one will come with a display of 6.5 inches, whereas the other will come with a 5.8 inches display screen.

iPhone 2018 Release Date

Last year, the iPhones were introduced on the 15th of September and started going on sale from the 22nd of December. If past releases are anything to go by, it is likely that come September, Apple will release all these three iPhone variants for 2018.

Apple iPhone 9 release date

Latest Rumors on iPhone 9

There are many rumors suggesting that the upcoming affordable variant for this year; let’s call it the iPhone 9 for now, will come with a thicker screen surround, as compared to the iPhone X1. It is also expected that there will be some new color variants for the iPhone 9. Some analysts like Ming Chi Kuo claim that the LCD iPhone 9 will come in the following colors: gold; grey; white; blue; red; orange. Macotakara, however, claims that it will come in white; black; flash yellow; electric blue; taupe; bright orange. As for the other two phones, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Plus, they will be available only in gold; grey; silver colors.

Apple iPhone 9 color

iPhone 9/iPhone 8S

The features of the upcoming iPhone 9 will probably be a mix of the iPhone 8 along with the iPhone X. It also stands to reason that Apple will try to offer an iPhone in an affordable range, especially if there is no iPhone SE2 this year. The iPhone 9 will then offer a good entry point for Apple.

Entry Level Offering

The iPhone 9, which is the entry-level offering for 2018, will come with an LCD screen of 6.1 inches and will have room on the top for the Face ID. According to images from Slashleaks, the iPhone 9 has been seen to have a bigger camera sensor and a dual LED flash that has been repositioned. Images also show that the iPhone 9 will come with one rear camera, whereas the iPhone 11 and the Plus models, the more expensive ones, will come with dual camera features, similar to the iPhone X.

Lower End Specs for the iPhone 9

The iPhone 9 looks very similar to the iPhone X but comes with a single lens camera. The specifications will also be lower, as compared to the other two models. According to Kuo, the 6.1 inches LCD model, dubbed as the iPhone 9 will also have a smaller screen resolution of 320 or 330 ppi, whereas the other two models could have a higher screen density of 458 ppi. The RAM of the iPhone 9 could also be smaller at 3GB, whereas the other two models might come with a higher RAM of 4GB. Schematics reveal the dimensions of the iPhone 9 as being 147.12 mm x 71.52 mm.

Apple iPhone 9

In addition, it is also rumored that the iPhone 9 will not have the 3D touch feature. All phones after the iPhone SE have come with the 3D Touch feature. As for the software, all the offerings for 2018 will run on iOS 12 out of the box.

Design Rumors

It is rumored that the iPhone 9 will come with a metal back. Apple has already switched to the glass back for all its iPhone models last year. It is this switch that makes it possible to charge the phones wirelessly. However, if the iPhone 9 design does come with the metal back and not glass, it means that wireless charging feature will also not be available for the iPhone 9.

Apple iPhone 9 camera


Moreover, all the iPhone 2018 models will have a display with a notch. The 6.1 inches iPhone 9 will have a Full Active display and this is being supplied by the Japan Display. The iPhone 9 will have a technology that is akin to the MLCD+ screen seen on LG G7. It will be powered by the A12 chip, as will the other two variants in the lineup for 2018, the iPhone XL and the XL Plus.

iPhone 9 or iPhone 8S

It is also possible that the entry-level iPhone for 2018 may not be called the iPhone 9 after all. There are rumors that Apple will add an S to the lineup, with the premium offering being named as iPhone XS Plus and the iPhone XS, whereas the entry-level phone will be called the iPhone 8S. It is after all supposed to be the successor to the iPhone 8.

Dual SIM

It is also rumored that the entry-level iPhone 9 will come with a dual-SIM feature and will be available only in China. Foxconn sources report that the 6.1 inches model will be the only one that supports the dual SIM functionality. However, the iPhone 9 will come in two variants, with a single SIM, as well as dual SIM, being available, exclusively for China. This is because the people of China are used to having more than a single mobile number and nearly 4 billion people use dual SIM cards.

Apple iPhone 9 Dual sim

Also, there are references to a second SIM status or a second SIM tray.

Intel to Replace Qualcomm

The CFO of Qualcomm, George Davis has also confirmed that Apple will be using their competitor’s modems. This means that Apple will be using Intel’s modems. There has been a lot of tension between Apple and Qualcomm recently and there is an ongoing legal battle. When 4G was rolled out, Apple started using modems of Qualcomm as well as Intel. However, Qualcomm has always claimed that its components are faster and more superior to those of Intel.

Fast Charger

In another rumor, there are claims that Apple will be offering fast chargers for the iPhone 9, as well as all the other models of 2018. This means that you can charge the phones quickly. However, it is possible that the fast charger will only be available for the more expensive premium models, the iPhone XL and the XL Plus and not for the iPhone 9 entry level 2018 phone.

Price Expectations

According to Ming Chi Kuo, if the iPhone 9 comes with a 6.1-inch screen, it will sell for around $600 to $700. The next variant of 5.8 inches, which is the successor to the iPhone X dubbed the iPhone XS or XL, will have a price of around $700 to $800. As for the iPhone XS Plus or XL Plus of 6.5 inches, it will be priced at around $999.

The iPhone 9 will surely be priced lower than the current iPhone X. The cost might come down further if Apple does not add the 3.5 mm headphone adapter as part of the bundle. However, this means that users have to buy one separately in case of using normal wired headphones with their headphones.



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