iPhone 12 likely to Revolutionize the Industry with 5nm Chips

iPhone 12 likely to Revolutionize the Industry with 5nm Chips

Updates and speculations surrounding iPhones 11 and 12 don’t seem to cease. The A12, 7nm chipset that fuels 2018 iPhone XS and iPad Pros are to be one-upped by the A13 chips that await its release in September this year. The A13 7nm chips are likely to be succeeded by the A14 and A14X 5nm processors that may find their way in the iPhone 12 series, which will launch in September 2020. The rumor mill is also running wild with speculations on MacBooks carrying these 5nm high-speed chips in the future.

iPhone 11 may not exhibit too many jaw-dropping features

The A13 chips, that will also be 7nm processors, will feature the Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography technology. This means, a comparatively higher number of transistors, which will translate to higher performance efficiency and a drop in energy consumption. This year, Apple’s A13 and A13X processors are likely to outdo their Android rivals who will also pack 7nm and 7nm EUV chips in their smartphones.

The iPhone 11’s circuit board that was leaked recently, hints at bigger battery capacities that have not managed to drop the Apple fandom’s collective jaws for specific reasons. Though bigger, these batteries are not touted to be at par with their Android counterparts, giving the Android community an edge over Apple.

The iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11R will sport additional lens systems, with the 11 and 11 Max carrying a triple camera system while the 11R will exhibit dual cameras. This has also failed to impress the fans. Android handsets are making headway with four and five sensor systems that contribute to brilliant photography and are far more notable.

iPhone 12 likely to exceed our expectations

Moving on to a few positive notes in the Apple fandom, the iPhone 12 will likely come with revolutionary 5nm chips. TSMC, the official A-series chip manufacturer for Apple, revealed in its financial performance report for the year, a few intriguing manufacturing plans for the next year. TSMC is likely to commence the manufacture of 5nm chips in the first half of next year. This could be conceived as a subtle yet significant hint that the iPhone 12 series and 2020 iPad Pro models could carry these 5nm chips. The 2020 A14 and A14X processors will not only outperform other smartphones but will also surpass desktops.

Furthering these speculations, rumors of MacBooks also carrying the 5nm chips are being floated around. A MacBook packed with an A14 5nm chip will straight away claim a monopoly in the market and will offer unmatched speeds and efficiency.

Qualcomm, on the contrary, is also expected to fire up its ARM computers that run Windows 10 with 5nm processers once the chips are out in the market.

Let’s sit tight and watch if these speculations come to fruition and present us with a revolutionary handset and, maybe even a MacBook.



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