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iPhone 12 – Apple too May Have Five Models on Offer Like Samsung this Fall

Apple iphone 12

You might have just read how Samsung may launch five models of its Samsung Galaxy S20, including 2 5G models. Now, Ming Chi Kuo, who invariably gets it right about Apple says that the company will have a lineup of five models, with one sub-6GHz model and one model with mmWave support. That makes it five including the three iPhone 12 models. This will also mean there will be four 5G iPhones in the market after Apple holds its launch event in September 2020.

5G Connectivity Will be Disabled in Other Markets

As things stand now, service providers are going aggressive in markets like the US, China, and South Korea to have the 5G infrastructure in place. The situation may change as we approach the third quarter of the year. Apple will then take a call on the markets where the 5G service is either not available or even if started, still low on penetration. In these markets, Apple will disable 5G functionality. This would mean the cost of the phone could also be kept lower for these markets.

iphone 12

Similarly, the mmWave technology-based models of the iPhone would be sold by Apple in the same countries, the US, China, and South Korea and in addition in Japan and Canada.

There may be a Second Quarter Launch as Well

If you go by what Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting, the sub-6GHz iPhone and the one with the mmWave support may see the light of day in the second quarter of 2020 itself, with their actual availability in the market following that. Will that mean Apple will have an iPhone released in each quarter if the rumors on the iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9 to be out in the first quarter are true? It will be interesting if it turns out to be that way. There are others who feel this kind of launch schedule is not practicable. You may end up having all five models being revealed at the same event at the end of the third quarter, following the pattern set.

Though these developments are predictions from Kuo, they will still be considered only as speculation and unless there is an authentic announcement by Apple, you cannot take them as confirmed.

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