iPhone 12 – Apple Likely to Change Color from Midnight Green to Navy Blue

A render of the upcoming iPhone 12 has been tweeted suggesting that Apple may replace the Midnight Green color in the 2020 release iPhones with a Navy Blue color. This information may have to be taken with a little doubt since a YouTube video by Everything ApplePro claims that this Navy Blue color will be seen only for the iPhone 12 Pro model and not the other phones to be released this fall. It is difficult to believe which one could be right about the color. Will the introduction of a new color mean that the Midnight Green color will be dropped or will Apple add another new color to the range? There’s no way of telling that now.

Summing up the Other Rumors on the iPhone 12 Models

There has never been a shortage of rumors as far as the 2020 models of iPhones are concerned. You will have to take the common predictions from different sources and hope that they turn out to be correct. People have predicted between 3 and 4 models of the iPhone 12. In terms of their display sizes, there’s likely to be a 5.4-inch model, two models with a 6.1-inch display and the top end Max Pro with a 6.7-inch display. There is also some kind of consensus that all the models will have OLED panels, doing away with the LCD panels for the budget model as well.

Similarly, the expectation is that all models will be 5G enabled. There is no clarity on whether the 4G models will be released in countries where 5G is yet to be launched. In the case of Samsung, it has been rumored that the 4G variants of the new Galaxy S series models will not be released by the company where 5G connectivity is available. This means that in those countries where 5G is available, the 4G models cannot be bought. Will Apple too follow a similar policy?

The other strong rumor relating to the iPhone 12 is the expectation that the notch could be removed and the front camera accommodated in the bezel. The company is reportedly testing the prototypes now.

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