iPhone 11: Will 2019 iPhones Have Curved Displays?

iPhone 11: Will 2019 iPhones Have Curved Displays? 1

With loads of rumors and leaks suggesting the changes to be made in the form factor and other aspect of the iPhone models to be launched this September, there is information coming in that there may be some changes after all. There is information that these phones may sport a curved display. This information has come out of a patent application that Apple has filed.

Detailed Description of the LCD Display

The description of the LCD display in the patent application is quite elaborate as it happens with all such applications. The company has provided information on how there are different layers to the display screen. These include a thin-film transistor layer, a color filter layer, a touch screen layer and finally the glass layer on top that gives the screen protection.

Apple iPhone 11

Though there is no immediate confirmation that the curved screen will be part of the 2019 iPhones, the market expectation is it will be a certainty. In a narrow sense, this is also a desperate feeling among those who cannot see their favorite company and favorite brand letting them down. There is always the tendency to pit the iPhones against the best that is on offer from the Android stable and feel a little better that the iPhones will have something new and better to offer.

What Has Already Been Predicted

Based on some usually reliable sources, it is now almost certain that the three models, the iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11 XR 2 (at least this is the expectation the phones will be named as) will come with enhanced photography capabilities than their corresponding predecessor models. The iPhone 11 and 11 Max are likely to have triple cameras in the rear while the XR model will have a dual sensor setup. There will be a square bump in the rear to house these sensors.

There has also been the change in the design if the logic board to accommodate a larger battery. The battery power in these new phones is bound to be higher and along with the other features ensure your iPhone lasts longer on a full charge of the battery.

Somehow, for reasons inexplicable, every discussion on the iPhones of 2019 lead to the heightened expectations of the models to be launched in 2020. There are many phone users out there ready to wait till that time to get better iPhones, including the 5G-enabled ones.

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