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iPhone 11 Pro Max Obtains the Highest Ever A+ Grade for its Display

Apple has always tried to be the best in the market by striving to bring in new technology with each of its inventions. All smartphones are usually subject to technical testing by DisplayMate. The latest phone from Apple – the iPhone 11 Pro Max was launched at an event on September 20. This phone has received the highest ever A+ grade for its display from DisplayMate. The previous iPhones like iPhone XS Max or iPhone X have only managed to receive the ‘best smartphone display’ from DisplayMate. This means that the display in iPhone 11 Pro Max has outperformed all the smartphones currently available in the market and that too by a wide margin.

In terms of screen brightness, the new smartphone has a brightness of about 900nits under normal operations. In HDR mode, it was found that the screen has a brightness of 1,290 nits. This is a huge improvement in terms of brightness over existing models. Compared to iPhone XS Max, this new model also offers a peak brightness of about 71% more. This will lead to an enhancement in the screen visibility in ambient light conditions. The new iPhone 11 Pro Max offers a great improvement in terms of “Absolute Picture Quality” and “Absolute Color Accuracy” as well.

iPhone 11 Pro Max screen

The iPhone 11 Pro Max also has the highest screen resolution for an iPhone. It offers a screen resolution of 2.7K. The phone has the lowest screen reflectance at 4.5%. The reflectance rate is very important as it measures how effective the screen is in reflecting the radiant energy. The display of the new smartphone has some amazing features and technology like “Precision Factory Display Calibration”. This helps in maintaining the picture quality and picture color accuracy. iPhone 11 Pro Max has a display which outperforms those of 4K televisions, UHD televisions and the like. It truly outperforms all other devices in terms of display technology and has set some amazing new records. The OLED display is a 15% more power-efficient display, which means that the battery consumption will be 15% less as opposed to its competitors.

Dr. Raymond M. Soniera, the President of DisplayMate has been quoted as saying that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has an “impressive top-tier display with close-to-textbook perfect calibration and performance” and it has outperformed all other devices”providing considerably better display performance than other competing smartphones.” This is what has earned it the highest ever A+ grade given to a smartphone.

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