iPhone 11: Latest Leaks – Apple’s Big Surprise for 2019

iPhone 11: Latest Leaks – Apple’s Big Surprise for 2019

iPhone 11: This year has been full of interesting releases and the now the market has several new entries that can suit even the most exquisite tastes. Among the top-notch releases of 2018, we find new iPhones, Samsung or Google devices. But that’s not all!

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As we are heading towards the end of a busy year, we keep hearing rumours that make us even more anxious to see the tech wonders expected in 2019. By now, everybody knows that Samsung is preparing one of its most dazzling line-ups, the Galaxy S10 line and the first foldable smartphone ever created, Galaxy F. Pretty cool, right?

Some people might think that it’s hard to beat the South Korean company, but they will think again once they hear what Apple has planned for 2019. Of course, the company founded by Steve Jobs is not willing to let Samsung take all the glory next year, but so far they haven’t made any announcement about a new iPhone.

Rumors say that the new iPhone will come with a revolutionary display technology

Companies like Apple won’t reveal any information about their work-in-progress devices. However, they cannot prevent leaks and this could be a good thing because the users’ curiosity will grow as the time to get their hands on the new device approaches.

So far, we know that we should expect to see a new iPhone in 2019. According to several sources, the handset will be called iPhone 11. In a way, Apple fans and tech analysts were thinking about this name, based on the company’s tendency and previous experience.

However, the innovation comes from one of iPhone 11’s features. According to LetsGoDigital, a publication active in the modern technology area, Apple is planning to amaze all the tech geeks with a revolutionary display technology. Rumours say that the new smartphone will come with front camera situated under the screen.

If the iPhone 11 is released with this design (front-sided camera under the screen), Apple would be the promoter of a new concept and other mobile companies could follow their example. Besides, if this is the case, the handset will be released without notch. This possibility is considered a big plus since a lot of iPhone users consider that the notch is an uncomfortable feature, even if it is one of the most popular mobile trends nowadays.

Manufacturers think that the new mission is hard, but not impossible

If the iPhone 11 prototype is real and the device will be built as rumours claim, manufacturers could experience some issues while building the handset. The story goes back to the iPhone X and this year’s iPhone XS and XR.

Other devices which might have had the front camera under the screen are the most recent flagships from Android. Since manufacturers disapproved of the idea that notches should be lost, the idea taken today by Apple for the iPhone 11 was dropped.

Now when the discussion is open again, we hear that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could feature the same design as the iPhone 11. When this device is concerned, the technology could be called ‘New Infinity’ display, like it was recently presented at the Samsung Developers’ Conference.

What are the alternatives

While the new technology is being developed, phone users who like to take selfies and want a phone with a front-facing camera will have to settle with the notch. Another alternative is to use a handset with a sliding display mechanism. A good example, in this case, is the Honour Magic 2, a phone which uses the screen cut-out technology.

The iPhone 11 will feature the most modern specs

This year was a good one for Apple. Devices like the iPhone XS or XR were well received and users liked them a lot. The main reason for their success is that these handsets combine modern technology and cool design. In fact, if you use one of them, you get a multifunctional device which brings the whole world into your palm.

If the leaks turn out to be true, iPhone 11 and Co. will be even more dazzling. Just think about the camera-under-screen technology and you’ll realize how innovative the new handset is! They will revolutionize the 2019 market and will become serious competitors for Samsung’s long-awaited collection.

We don’t know the details, but we are sure that iPhone 11 will come with awesome specs

Even if Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 11 (also called XI) next year, the company is still keeping a big mystery around the smartphone. Fans are getting very curious, so Gamersky imagined some scenarios about the new handset’s design and features.

The concept shows a device with an appearance similar to the new iPad Pro released in 2018. The design is even more modern and fancy than the one noticed in the line of iPhones launched this year.

Details always make a difference. In this particular case, we might notice a tiny notch at the top of the display. The notch is situated right in the front camera’s area, but there still room for an under-screen photo shooter. All in all, the design captures the eye and it follows the same high-end line we would expect to see in Apple’s smartphones.

iPhone 11 could also come with improved camera capacities, a more powerful battery and other specs that will situate it on the top of the most-wanted list in 2019. Until we learn more about the handset, all we can do is wait and dream about it.



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