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iPhone 11:  Is Apple’s Old Touch ID Being Reintroduced?

iPhone 11: Will Apple go back to its Touch ID and make improvements and add to the Facial ID as a complementary feature in its 2019 Apple iPhone 11?  This appears to be the case since the company has filed a patent for its Touch ID technology. The fact that the company opted to file a patent is a giveaway that there will be some tweaking of the technology.

Changes to Suit the Touch-Integrated Display?

Some days back there was a confirmed report suggesting that Apple has entered into an agreement with a Samsung-owned company for touch-integrated OLED displays for its next lot of iPhones. It was even reported that it will reduce the devices’ thickness and weight and price and so on. It can, therefore, be inferred, if that report still stands, that this patent may address this issue of making the ole Touch ID technology work with this new panel. The details may emerge once the patent application is accessed. One commentator has observed that the iPhone users will be thrilled with this Touch ID on the iPhone 11 (2019) models.

There is this view from a technical and futuristic viewpoint that a combination of biometric identification using Touch ID and the Facial ID would make a strong security statement, possibly difficult for anyone to break. Remember those sporadic reports of people using photos etc. to beat the Facial ID feature? That may become a thing of the past. A more critical point being made is that there are proposals to make iPhones as the alternate identity proof that can be used in place of passports. If Apple can make them secure as explained above, then the company can gain another selling point.

iPhone 11 (2019)

The Notch or the Hole Debate

Will the next year’s iPhones sport the notch or a hole similar to Samsung’s Infinity O display? The debate is heating up in some social media circles while Apple itself has not made any official comment over this issue. There are images circulating with a smaller notch and obviously, these are concept designs and nowhere near being adopted by Apple. However, many new ideas are generated in this way and then they become real.

The last point to be confirmed here is that the Cupertino headquartered tech giant is not joining the race to bring out a 5G-enabled iPhone, at least in 2019. It may stick to the previously indicated 2020 timeframe for its 5G device.

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