iPhone 11: Analysts Find the 2019 Models Unimpressive

iPhone 11: Analysts Find the 2019 Models Unimpressive

With some details emerging about the specifications and features that this year’s edition of iPhones are likely to come with, the general refrain appears to be that Apple is not doing enough to get the average smartphone buyer interested. Much of the information has been available in the public domain and discussed as well. It has also been mentioned that the company is possibly reserving it all for 2020.

Not Much Change in the Form Factor

As recorded earlier, Apple does not plan to make huge changes as far as the design of the iPhones to be launched this year. The only major change is going to be the camera setup where there will be a square bump in the rear to house the three sensors and the flash. This bump design itself has come for heavy criticism from the various forums online. They feel this design is quite un-Apple like.

Apart from the cameras, one latest piece of information is that the 2019 iPhones will be fitted with a larger battery than the ones seen before. This would mean that with the new processor and a more efficient iOS 13, users can hope to have iPhones that will last much longer. That is one positive aspect. Though the camera bump design might not look so aesthetic, the overall photography experience with these new phones even with the iPhone 11 XR will be far superior to the previous iterations.

iPhone XI case

The Android Phone Comparison Makes it Look Worse

The general commentary around the appearance of the iPhones to be released in 2019 is that the Android phones have moved far ahead with changes in the camera sections and much more. There was a time when it was thought that however much they try, the Android phones could never beat an iPhone. Those days appear to be over.

All Left to the 2020 iPhones

Having said all the above, one has to admit that Apple is in an unenviable position. It is working on bringing in large scale changes in 2020. The 5G phone is expected, for one. The latest is that all the models to be released next year could be 5G-enabled. Making huge changes this year might have proved counter-productive. It can be hoped that Apple may take to official communication that may clarify why it has taken these decisions or not taken some.



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