iPhone 11: 2019 III Quarter Release but Specs Out

iPhone 11: Some gadgets fascinate people so much that they will go to any extent to know what’s happening to their favorite phone or other devices. The iPhones are part of this list of devices having a huge following cutting across nations, gender and age. The next iPhone launch could happen next year by around September as it does each year (unless Apple decides to announce the new iPhone SE 2 earlier). And going by the progression, the phones could be called the iPhone 11 or XI. The market is abuzz with some information on what you can expect in the next iteration of the iPhone.

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Better Battery Utilization Aimed

Smartphone manufacturers keep working on making improvements in their devices each year. Among the many areas that are taken up for betterment, some get priority. Power utilization is one of the most important aspects. Smartphone users tend to work on multiple apps at the same time and these keep drawing power from the battery. Apple with its superior technology has already addressed this issue partly in the iPhones released recently. Apps, which have not been worked on for a duration will stop working in the background and drawing battery power. But more can be accomplished in this area and the work may have to do at the chipset level to address this issue and one is very optimistic that Apple will do so and your iPhone XI may last much longer once charge to the full. You can play games or watch videos without having to worry about draining the battery.

Optics Department May be Further Strengthened

The camera section in any iPhone has been rated far better than the equivalent phones available in the market all the time, though, in terms of the megapixel rating, the Apple devices could be much lower. But then the industry has been moving very fast in the camera sections and if rumors are to be believed, rival Samsung may fix 3 sensors in the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S10 to be released in the first quarter of 2019. What can Apple come up with to counter the South Korean company? One will have to wait and watch. Apple has believed in embedding technology that helps in enhancing the images once the user clicks the photo with the iPhone. Hardly any other manufacturer has been able to match Apple here, though there are some devices spoken highly of in their optics capabilities. But it is still believed that Apple will work on offering a better package here.

iPhone 11: 2019 III Quarter Release but Specs Out 1

Some Specs Rumored

The current rumors indicate Apple will release 3 variants of the next set of iPhones and continue with the pattern of one standard size (6.1-inch), one high-end (6.5-inch) and one lower priced (5.8-inch). The market would hope that the prices too won’t see much change, beyond a $50 increase/decrease here and there. The names are really not so critical, whether they are called iPhone 11 or XI and suffixes or XR, XS or whatever.

The area is most discussed, as it happened with the Samsung Galaxy S10, would be the main display. Samsung is said to have decided on a hole to accommodate the front camera and do away with facial ID. Apple too is being predicted to get rid of the notch and have a full view screen with close to zero bezels all around. But Apple is likely to position the front camera beneath the display and still manage to capture the facial image to unlock the phone.

Obviously, this is not the last one has heard about the upcoming 2019 iPhones. More will keep coming.

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