iPad Pro -Apple to Plan a 12.9-Inch Model in Fall 2020?

The build-up is towards a launch event by Apple in March 2020 where the company could unveil its latest iPad Pro (being expected since 2019). There have been leaks and rumors about what new features can be expected from the device. The latest leak of a case supposed to be that of the iPad Pro (2020) indicates that the new device will have a square camera bump in the rear. Another important piece of information is that Apple will be releasing a 12.9-inch iPad Pro later in the year with mini LED panels.

Rumors on the Camera Setup

The iPad Pro has just one 12MP camera in the rear right now. There are no major changes in the form factor from the 2018 iPad Pro including the overall dimensions. Looking at the square bump in this case leaked here, should one expect there will be more than one camera? There are two sets of rumors. One rumor says that there will be a triple camera setup in the rear. The other says that it could also include a time of flight or ToF camera. This is very difficult for most Apple observers to believe since the company would want to introduce such new features only in their iPhones first. If this rumor was to be believed, then the iPad Pro will first have it in March and the iPhone in September. This cannot be confirmed.

12.9-Inch iPad Pro Later in 2020

The other significant rumor to come out now is that the company has plans to launch another iPad Pro model in the second half of this year with a 12.9-inch display. This has come from the more regular and reliable Ming-Chi Kuo. There is some kind of confirmation on this coming from Taiwan where a company called Innolux Corporation is reported to have bagged an order from Apple for the supply of mini LED panels for iPads. This information is in line with what Kuo had predicted earlier and is meant for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

ipad Pro case leaksInnolux Corporation will be the third vendor besides LG Display and General Interface Solution (GIS) to supply the mini LED panels. Technologically, the mini LED panels are expected to be a better option than the OLED panels. They are lighter and thinner, allowing more design options to the manufacturer of the tablets.

There are also concerns about the supplies being impacted by the coronavirus crisis in China. Some sources say Apple may stick to the March launch even if the shipments were to be delayed a bit.

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