iPad Pro Adoption Is Worst Than The Other iPad In First Week

iPad Pro adoption is worst than the other iPad in first week.

iPad Pro market share in the first week shows a small impact than the other iPad versions. It’s reported by ItPortal through the data they got from Localytics.

“Compare the launch of the iPad Pro with the first and second generation Air models. The iPad Air captured more than six times the market share than the Pro version in the same time frame. The iPad Air 2 proved slightly less popular, but still enjoyed a first week adoption rate more than three times that of the iPad Pro. In fact, since the launch of the iPad Pro, the two Airs have seen a jump in sales – thanks in part to the price drops that follow any new launch. The data shows that the iPad 2 and iPad Air still dominate, and the new kid on the block has quite some catching up to do”

iPad Pro Adoption Is Worst Than The Other iPad In First Week

Although this data could still change, but the impression is seen clearly. iPad Pro is not enough to attract the professional users. The Apple expectation to iPad Pro as a substitute of laptop and not as a hybrid device has not yet seen, at least until the holiday session.


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