iPad Pro 2017 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – Best Screen and Specs Comparison

iPad Pro 2017 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – Best Screen and Specs Comparison

Samsung and Apple are competing again on the tablet market for who has the better one. Apple is putting forth their new 2017 iPad Pro, while Samsung is attempting to win the market over with their Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

If you wish to purchase one of them, but are unsure which, then you will need to take a few things into consideration regarding the two devices.

Screen and Display

The Samsung Tablet comes equipped with a 10-inch display that has a Home and Navigation button positioned at the bottom of the display. Apple’s iPad Pro has a 9.7 inch display and has an attractive 6.1 mm slim design that is both functional and attractive.

The Samsung Tablet has an AMOLED, or Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode, display, while the iPad Pro has an LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, screen.

Overall, their screen size and resolution is similar, and the sharpness is almost indistinguishable in both of the devices.

Performance, Camera and Battery

When looking at internals, we need to first look at the chipset. The iPad Pro comes equip with an A9X chip, which is also created by Apple. Samsung, on the other hand, uses the older Snapdragon 820 chip.

Samsung fares better as far as the camera is concerned, with the tablet coming equipped with an 8MP, 1080p HD set-up that can also flash. iPad also makes uses of an 8MP camera, but is not at as good as the Samsung one.

Batteries differ significantly between them, with the Samsung S3 tablet coming equipped with a 6.000 mAh unit, while the iPad Pro having a 7.306 mAh battery onboard. This would make the iPad Pro approximately 20% more power-efficient than the Samsung S3 battery.

Miscellaneous features

Samsung’s S3 tablet comes with an optical keyboard that clicks when you activate it, however, the buttons are quite small despite the large screen it has and can prove to be a bit difficult to use. Apple provides the Apple Pencil that can be used with the latest iPad Pro and can significantly help in typing.

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