iPad Pro 10.5 Future Specs – What We Know Until Now?

Lately there have been lots of rumors about the new 10.5 inches iPad Pro, among which the most recent claims that the device is already in the manufacturing process at Apple. The company should release three different iPad Pro tablets in 2017, namely the 12.9 inches and the 9.7 inches models, similar to the existing versions, plus the new 10.5 inches iPad Pro.

Future Specs

The new 10.5 inches iPad model should have basically the same footprint as the 9.7 inches model. However, it will have a much larger screen that reaches 10.5 inches, due to the thin bezels. Apparently, the larger model of the iPad will enjoy a modified version of the processor used on the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 runs on the Apple A10 processor, while the newer iPad Pro will enjoy an A10X CPU.

Moreover, we should expect the iPad Pro to be endowed with more RAM than the current versions. However, the design will most likely remain unchanged.

Possible Release Date

Sadly, there is no possible release date for now for the 10.5 inches iPad Pro range. There have been rumors pointing to a launch in May for these tablets, but Apple is suspected to wait until the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) event that takes place in June in order to bring their new products to the large audience.

There’s no need to say that fans are really excited about the upcoming release. However, let’s hope that we will find out more details about it soon and that we won’t have to wait all the month until June in order to enjoy the official release. It is interesting to see how Apple has envisioned this change to the already existing series and more importantly, how much will the new products cost.

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