iPad Mini Pro Latest Leaks and Rumors

The current year is a big one for Apple, and that’s mainly because their best sold and most popular product is turning ten. Yes, we’re talking about the iPhone. The first ever iPhone came out back way back when in 2007, and in these last ten years it grew beautifully and harmoniously. And even though June and WWDC brought along news of a lot of new launches, the iPhone 8 (or X or Anniversary Edition) is surely the most coveted launch. But what about the iPad Mini Pro?

About iPad Mini Pro Rumors

Oh, you didn’t know there even was talk of an iPad Mini Pro? Neither did we, or the rest of the world. For what it’s worth, neither does Apple as far as we can tell. Still, tech news sites and blogs are quickly filling up with a lot of rumors about a possible tablet from Apple known as the iPad Mini Pro, which would make it a blend of two of their most popular lines.

And there is already a rumored release date: September 12, 2017. Wait, that’s very close! So what are the odds of the iPad Mini Pro actually being a real project and a real upcoming launch? Keep reading to find out, but also share with us your predictions in the comments below.

Improbable Project

All the data we have so far indicates that the iPad Mini Pro most likely doesn’t exist and never will. Apple seems to want to focus on the Pro line for now, and all their actions indicate that the Mini line will be slowly phased out. So why would iPad Mini Pro be a thing? There is no good reason for it to exist, so take all these rumors with a grain of salt as always.

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