The iPad Mini Might be Going Away – Fans of the Series Preparing Their Farewells

The iPad Mini Might be Going Away – Fans of the Series Preparing Their Farewells


Many Apple fans would agree that it’s going to be a sad day when the Apple Mini gets officially discontinued. This day has been coming for a long time now, and it would seem that it’s nearing closer and closer. While a lot of people don’t want to hear it, others are in fact happy that this is happening because this might just give Apple the space in the roster that they needed for a brand new line of tablet devices or even a completely new type of gadget.

Many are concerned about the state of the Apple Mini and where the series is going, with many predicting that it’s going to the graveyard unfortunately. A user on Reddit that goes by the name of MomoYaseen wanted to know if it was worth it to get a new Apple Mini, but was unsure if the Apple Mini 5 was coming out at all. Here’s what they said about the possibility of there not being a Mini 5.

“I am thinking of buying an iPad Mini soon, and my friend told me that Apple might discontinue the iPad Mini altogether, as there is no sign of a Mini 5 coming anytime soon. Is that “confirmed ” by Apple? Like should I just go ahead and buy the Mini 4 or wait for an announcement?”

Someone replied to their post with quite an interesting suggestion that would have the user buy the previous model, which is the Apple Mini 4, and return it when the Mini 5 comes around. It would seem that the best bet for an unveiling or any news at all really regarding the Mini series might be found at the upcoming WWDC event. Here’s the original comment about the situation.

“WWDC is less than two weeks away so you could buy the Mini 4 today and return it if they do announce anything then. If they don’t announce it at the keynote on June 5th, there will be no more iPad news from Apple before September at the earliest.”

Other users seemed to have a justified opinion on why it’s hard to predict any new Mini devices coming soon. It seems that Apple and its fans are in a sort of standoff  where no one buys and no one updates out of pure effect of the other’s action. This is quite a predicament for both parties. Here’s the original comment.

“I feel like this is becoming a classic Apple situation, unfortunately. People aren’t buying many because it hasn’t been updated, and Apple isn’t updating it because people aren’t buying many.”

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