iPad Mini 5 Update: Apple Not Contemplating Many Changes

Apple iPad Mini 5 A10x Fusion

This could come as a major disappointment for people who were fervently hoping that Apple might come out with some radical changes to the iPad Mini. Their logic was the iPad Mini 4 was launched 3 years back and not much change has taken place. But it now emerges that the company has decided to launch the iPad Mini 5 in the coming months if not weeks and there will be hardly any major noticeable change, at least in the design and appearance of the tablet from the outside.

Same Size and No Reduction in Bezels

The expectation among the fans was that the iPad Mini 5 may sport a slightly larger display. Even if the overall size is not bumped, at least the bezels will be made narrower and the display space increased. But the latest discussions, which suggest that the various component makers for the iPhone Mini were involved in this dialogue and the essence of what has been conveyed is that there won’t be any modification in the sizes, the thickness will be the same 6.1 mm and the no changes in the bezels contemplated.

Apple iPad Mini 5 A10 Fusion

Some of the Other Changes Proposed Too May Not Happen

Besides these, there were other rumors reported even through these columns that the company may change the connector from Lightning to the USB-C-type and or the 3.5 mm jack may be done away with. None of these appears to be happening according to these latest reports. There is still some confusion based on these reports on whether the main chipset may be the A10 Fusion or the A10x Fusion. While the former is seen on some of the smartphones, like the iPhone 7 etc., the latter powers the iPad Pro models. Apple may make this decision in due course and it will come out. As of now, it is just speculation and not much else.

Will the provision of the Apple Pencil be extended to this Mini model as well? Hardly likely, but you never know.

Interestingly, many details about Apple’s plans come out from places like Taiwan where Apple’s component suppliers are located. These companies share information about their operations and what to expect next year etc. This is how we had earlier reported that the A13 chipset orders have been given to a Taiwanese manufacturer. Similarly, here too, the iPad Mini 5 related information can be gathered from Taiwan-based firms. The sum and substance of these reports is that Apple has not projected a massive increase in the volumes of products expected to be sold in 2019. There may not be a huge drop either.

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