iPad Mini 4 vs. iPad 2017 – Best Specs and Features Comparison

iPad Mini 4 vs. iPad 2017 – Best Specs and Features Comparison

It’s rare to see device comparisons within the same brand, seeing as how new devices within one line are generally always better than the older models. While this is a well-known fact, sometimes companies might surprise us, so it’s good to keep ourselves up to date with the latest tech news and information. Today, we will be comparing two Apple tablets from their flagship iPad line: the new iPad launched in April 2017, and the iPad Mini 4, which is last year’s news.

In fact, the iPad Mini 4 launched in September 2015, so it’s even older than that. But does that mean that the new iPad is automatically better, just because it launched this year? It might not. You need to see that for yourself, so keep on reading. The two tablets are fit to subject to such a detailed comparison because they are two of the most affordable tablets within Apple’s iPad range.


As far as design goes, both tablets look about the same. About four years ago, Apple seems to have found its preferred tablet design, and has been sticking with it ever since. The only difference between the two iPads at hand here is that the iPad 2017 is slightly bigger, while the iPad Mini 4 is, as the name implies, smaller.

As far as color schemes go, both the iPad 2017 and the iPad Mini 4 are available in the same old tried and tested variants: Silver, Gold and Space Grey. Sadly, none of them also comes in Rose Gold, which is everyone’s favorite color option with Apple devices thus far. But seeing as these tablets are budget friendly, it’s understandable why.

Features and Specs

While appearance and color options are also important when choosing a device, the most important things to consider are its features and hardware. As far as features go, both the iPad 2017 and iPad Mini 4 are basically the same tablet. The whole premise behind the iPad 2017 was to make an Apple tablet that was affordable from the start, without having to wait for a year or two to pass for its price to lower as better options came out.

Thus, the iPad 2017 has been Apple’s most affordable such device ever launched, but this comes with a cost: it’s nowhere near as technologically advanced as the iPad Pro, let’s say, which also comes in Rose Gold. If anything, the iPad 2017 has about the same features and hardware as the iPad Mini 4, with the exception that is has a better processor. Apple chose to equip it with its newest processor in its in-house production line, which means the device works pretty well overall.

On top of that, the iPad 2017 also has a larger battery, which means more battery life. But the iPad Mini 4 comes with a better screen, and a more portable chassis. It’s obvious that Apple had to cut some corners with the iPad 2017 to keep it affordable, but that doesn’t mean that the tablet’s not good. However, if you own an iPad Mini 4 and were thinking of upgrading, there’s little to no reason to go for the iPad 2017. Save up some more money and buy the iPad Pro, or wait for another launch.

But if you don’t own an iPad yet, and were thinking of getting into the line, then the iPad 2017 is a perfect starting point for you. Not only is it quite affordable, but it holds its own pretty well, so you will surely love it and put it to good use. At the end of the day, you need to choose what satisfies your needs the most.



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