iPad 2017 vs. iPad Mini 4 – Which Apple Device is Better?

iPad 2017 vs. iPad Mini 4 – Which Apple Device is Better?

Deciding which device is more suitable for you is a very difficult thing. Big companies, like Apple or Microsoft, aren’t going to make it easier for us, since their most recent releases have awesome feature at an incredible price.


Of course price is highly important for everybody and this is why it occupies the first position. However, since Apple has decided to discontinue the iPad Pro 2, our two least expensive tablets are the iPad 2017 and the iPad Mini 4. A paradox would be the fact that iPad 2017 comes at a price starting from $340, while iPad Mini 4 is sold for approximately $420. Even though the difference between the prices isn’t very big, you might not want to jump to conclusions (choosing the cheaper one) unless you hear out some of the specs.

Design and Display

Four years ago Apple took a great decision, namely focusing on minimalist design. Being produced in the recent years, both iPad 2017 and iPad Mini 4 have similar designs with a single obvious exception: the iPad Mini 4 is smaller and slimmer than the other.

While iPad 2017 has a 240mm x 169.5mm x 7.5mm size, the other is 203.2mm x 134.8mm x 6.1mm.

Both are equipped with headphone ports and both come in the same color options: black, gold and grey. As you can see the pink option is missing but if you are really fond of it you can always go for iPad Pro.

When it comes to the screen, iPad 2017 might be the race winner regarding space, however iPad Mini 4 has a far better display.

While iPad 2017 has a 2048×1536-pixel resolution at 264ppi, the iPad Mini 4 has a 2048×1536 resolution at 326 ppi but with a smaller screen. Another plus for the mini version’s display is the fact that it comes with a laminated display and anti-reflective coating, whereas iPad 2017 doesn’t have these two features. However, it does have a bigger screen, namely a 9.7 inch one. iPad Mini 4 has only 7.9 inches because it’s mini, of course.

The LED-backlit Multi-Touch display is a feature both devices are equipped with, but the iPad 2017 comes with IPS technology as well.


When it comes to the features, the two tablets are pretty similar since the latest didn’t get the chance to be equipped with the recent awesome features iPad Pro has, namely the two tablets don’t support the Apple Pencil, Audio with quad speaker so on and so forth.

As it was already expected, the two only have basic Apple tablets functions like Retina display and Touch ID.

Internal Specs

There aren’t huge differences between the two iPads when it comes to specs either. However, the most important difference is the processor the iPad 2017 is equipped with. The tablet has been recently release and this is part of the reason it gets to have a better processor. The A9 chip (with 64bit) comes along with a M9 coprocessor, while iPad Mini 4 has an A8 chip (with 64bit) processor and a M8 coprocessor.

The internal memory won’t make a difference either since both tablets have 2MB RAM. The same thing goes for storage as well. Both iPad 2017 and iPad Mini 4 have 128GB, the exception being the fact that the iPad 2017 can come as well with a 32GB less expensive price option.

Both tablets have only two speakers, too bad none of them has the quad speakers the iPad Pro has.

When it comes to camera and pixels features the tablets aren’t very different again. They both come with 1.2Mp front camera with no flash possibilities and 720p HD video recording. However, there is a slight difference at the rear camera because iPad 2017 has a 8MP one with 1080p HD video recording and again, no flash. The mini version has a 4MP rear camera with auto stabilization image ( Pad 2017 has it as well) .

Now the battery will totally make a difference since iPad 2017 has a 32.4-watt-hour that can be used up to 10 hours, while iPad Mini 4 comes with a 19.1-watt-hour option.

After all, it depends not only on functions and the user’s need, but also on tastes.



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