iPad 2017 or the New iPad Pro – Best Price and Specs Comparison

iPad 2017 or the New iPad Pro – Best Price and Specs Comparison

If you wish to purchase the latest 2017 iPad or the 2016 iPad Pro but are unsure which of the two to pick, then you will have to take a few things into consideration before you proceed with the acquisition.

The Cost Difference

The first, and probably the initial deciding factor, is the price. The iPad Pro is almost twice the price of the regular iPad, but the differences between them are few and far between.

Released in March 2016, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro costs $599 and only has 32GB of storage, which for that price-tag is very unimpressive. The newer 2017 iPad costs just a little bit over $300, $329 to be specific, and has the same amount of storage as the iPad Pro. This brings the monetary difference between the two tablets at $270 and it’s quite a sum, considering that you can almost buy two 2017 iPads for the price of one 2016 iPad Pro.

Characteristics and specifications

Both devices are of the same size and look almost identical. The Retina resolution is present in both tablets, and it comes at a 2048 by 1536 resolution, 264 pixels/inch. Lighting ports are also available for both, as well as 3.5mm jacks and Touch ID sensors. As for the weight, the iPad Pro is approximately one ounce lighter which does not enhance the experience in any way. Thickness-wise, the 2017 iPad is just a little bit thicker by 0.6 mms, the iPad Pro is 6.9mm thick and the iPad 7.5mm thick.

The iPad Pro

While initially you might think that the iPad Pro is not worth it, it does have certain features that justifies the price tag. The first thing is that the iPad Pro comes with support for the Apple Pencil. While that is also a separate invest of about $100, it is a very useful tool for those who are inclined towards artistic works. Besides this, the iPad Pro also has a processor that is a bit faster, the display is a bit cleaner, and you can increase storage capacity up to 256GB, which is double the maximum capacity of the 2017 iPad.

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