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iOS Beta 2 Update Available with Latest Information

Some days ago we have witnessed the unveiling of the 2nd iOS 11 Beta and critics agreed that several improvements have been made. The device runs smoother than its predecessor; Assistive Touch has been improved with the Idle Opacity feature. The Idle Opacity feature makes it possible for users to increase or decrease visibility.

Another feature worth mentioning is the option to turn off apps in iPad Dock. You will also be able to disable the Control Center in several applications. For those who get easily distracted, the Apple company also offers a Do Not Disturb While Driving feature. This new feature could save people’s life by switching off alarms, or incoming messages while you are driving. It is an important feature considering that distracted drivers are responsible in the U.S for 14 % of traffic incidents, 15 % of crashed where people are severely injured and not to mention 10 % of crashed that end in fatalities.

Siri will also be updated with Hindi dictation. This comes as a great help for Hindu speakers all across the world, who will be able to choose from three options of keyboards available: English, Hindu and a mix: Hinglish.

The Safari button will allow you to choose several options such as Close This Tab, New Tab, New Private Tab. Other new features mentioned are: the introduction of the AirPlay Button, Apple Maps will have Indoor Maps, you will be able to save files in the Share Sheet, the date is designed to look bolder on the Calendar app, your most used locations will be renamed “Significant Locations”, a direct share of your screenshots, you can now drag and drop multiple photos using the Photo application and you will have access to apps using CC settings.

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