iOS Battle: Jailbroken iOS 10 vs. iOS 11

iOS 11 still has people talking a few months after it was released and it’s a superior upgrade to iOS 10 firmware in every possible aspect. Because even jailbreak fants want to give it a go and use it on their Apple devices, we decided to show you a brief comparison between the two versions to find out if iOS 11 is as better as everyone says.


Jailbroken iOS 10 is very versatile and this is probably the best advantage it has when we compare it to all the other stock firmware OS versions including the latest iOS 11. Jailbreaking offers you unlimited possibilities of customizing your phone and even though iOS 11 borrowed many Cydia features, Apple cannot implement third-party apps on their firmware.

Tweaks ports

The iOS 11 is richer in content and features and offers customization in the Control Center, Notification Center and so on but rest assured because the most important features can now be accessed on jailbroken iOS 10 as well. Big developers like Antique Dev, Andrew Wiiks and LaughingQuoll have already ported tweaks but some still need work to be done (Maize, for instance) and are to be released soon. If the latest iOS features are what you are looking for, updating your device to iOS 11 might be unnecessary.

No app revocations

Jailbroken iOS 10 provides better user experience because the apps run smoothly and there are no app revokes. Usually Apple has had a stricter policy lately when it comes to app revocations (doesn’t allow enterprise and developer apps). You can now use Ext3nder and Extender: Reloaded tools that assist with the installation of the unsigned IPA files without having to use Cydia Impactor. On iOS 11 there’s a new utility similar to Anti Revoke called Nesstool that works the same as the ones mentioned before. However, Nesstool doesn’t represent a feasible alternative to Jay Freeman’s (Saurik) Cydia Extender.

Do we have a winner?

iOS 11 comes with many new and useful features but it doesn’t compare to a jailbroken iOS because the latter brings a whole different experience if we talk about versatility, productivity and functionality. Therefore, we believe jailbroken iOS 10 is the best option but if you have some patience, it is just a matter of time before you can use all the perks of jailbreaking on iOS 11.

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