iOS 8

iOS 8 was unravelled by Apple Inc. in June 2014 and was officially launched on 17th September 2014. With iOS 8, Apple had introduced several “continuity” features that would help in connecting the iPhone, iPad, and Mac in an effective manner.

Apple’s iOS 8 came in with several new and exciting features that took the users with a great surprise. The Handoff was the new feature introduced with this OS version that let the users start doing a particular task on one device, at the same time picking up on other tasks simultaneously. In addition to this, the iPads including the Mac devices could not place and answer phone calls with the help of the iPhone as a relay. With the help of the Message app, the iPad and Mac could now be used to send and receive messages as well.

Several features of the Apple devices were upgraded with the launch of the iOS 8 OS version. This included the Notification Center along with new interactive notifications that allowed the users in quickly replying to the emails, texts and so more within the notification banner itself. The apps could install the widgets in the Notification Center with the help of the iOS 8.

With the iOS 8 version, Apple also debuted the latest iCloud service known as the iCloud Drive. This works in a similar manner to the Android Dropbox. iCloud Photo Library which is a part of the iCloud Drive had been redesigned into a version of the Photos app which made all the photographs of the users accessible on every device of the Apple configuration. The Photos app had also gained a new look along with several new editing tools. Along with this, the Camera app also came with a new time-lapse mode in addition to a built-in timer.

iOS 8 also came with a new “Health” app that had been designed for aggregating data collected from various health as well as fitness apps. The other benchmark apps of the Apple devices including Safari and Mail have also received new look and features with the launch of the Apple iOS 8.