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iOS 8.3 Common Problems And Their Solutions

iOS 8.3 Common Problems And Their Solutions 2
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Apple has released this version to fix various issues that users were facing with the predecessor. However, the iOS 8.3 is not bug-free and complaints keep coming on very frequently. So, we have gathered most of the common issues of iOS 8.3 along with their fixes.

The most common iOS 8.3 problems and their fixes:


Problem 1: iOS 8.3 installation issue

Many users have faced issue while installing the iOS 8.3 on their device. According to them, the update is getting stuck and they are unable to install it. However, this is a very basic issue that can be fixed with ease.


If you face the same issue, then perform a reboot process. Press down the home and power buttons altogether for few seconds till the Apple logo appears on the screen. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved by this way.


Problem 2: Insufficient storage for iOS 8.3 update

This is another issue that many users have faced.


You need to have at least 5GB storage space for updating the device to iOS 8.3. So, in case you face this issue, ensure there is enough space left on your device. Delete the old files, cookies, caches and the unnecessary photos, videos, etc. from your iPhone to free up some space.


Problem 3:  Password setting feature is missing

iOS 8.3 is equipped with many new interesting features and one of them is a way that helps users to download free apps from the App store which will not require you to provide any password or use the Touch ID. But some users have complained that this feature is missing in their iPhone so they can’t access to this feature.


This is not an issue rather you need to make some changes in the settings and again the feature will be accessible to you.

  • Head to Settings> Touch ID and Passcode > iTunes & App store and toggle this option off.
  • Again head to Settings> iTunes & App store and just below the Apple ID you will notice a feature ‘password settings’. Tap on that and it will give an option ‘require password’ to free download apps. Just toggle off the option and that’s it.
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Problem 4: Battery life issue

No doubt this is the most common issue with all smartphones. Many users have stated that they are experiencing very poor battery life and very abnormal battery drain after updating their device to iOS 8.3. Read below the fixes for it.


  • Restart the device if you notice it is draining a battery in an abnormal way after updating to iOS 8.3. The phone might come back to the previous condition in this easy step also.
  • If the problem is not resolved, the next thing you should do is to find out if any third party app is causing the issue. For doing so, head into Settings > General > Usage > Battery usage and see what app is eating the most amount of battery. Uninstall it if you actually do not use the app or else limit your usage on the app.
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  • If you are in an area where the signal is very poor, this will normally drain the battery very fast as the phone uses a great amount of battery while try to search the signal badly. So, the best way is to turn on the Airplane mode if you do not need connectivity.
  • Turn off the background app refresh option by going to the settings as most of the apps in the background keep on refreshing that makes use of a great amount of battery. Settings> General> Background app refresh and turn off the option for each app.
  • Reset all settings from settings > general > reset and reset all settings.


Problem 5: Data loss after upgrading the device

Data loss after upgrading the device to iOS 8.3 is the issue of many users till date. But this is quite normal as previously we have mentioned that iOS 8.3 needs about 5 GB space which resulting in loss of data.


Restore your device from iTunes or iCloud if you have backed up your data there. This is the reason all users are advised to free up enough space before going ahead with the updating process and also create a backup in iTunes or iCloud.


Problem 6: Stuck on the Apple logo

This is another issue that most of the iOS 8.3 users are facing as they are trying to update the device with this version. Here is the potential fix for that.


  • If you are also facing the same issue then press down the sleep button on your iPhone to turn it off.
  • Next, connect the device with computer or laptop, open iTunes.
  • Now press down the home and sleep buttons of your iPhone together for few seconds. Release the sleep button but continue holding the other button till you see a message in the iTunes.
  • Select your device and start the restoring process by clicking on that option in the summary panel.

This process will fix up the issue definitely.


Problem 7: Wi-Fi issue

Users have complained that they are facing issue with Wi-Fi connectivity such as poor or slow connection, the connection that is frequently dropping, etc. The possible fixes of the issue are listed below:


  • First, reboot the device, reboot the router and modem as well. This is a very simple step.
  • Reset your iPhone’s network settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Remember to store the Wi-Fi password somewhere as you need to provide the passcode again to set up the connection.
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  • If these above methods do not work out, try to update the router firmware, however, this process is completely different based on the model, so go through your manual first.


Problem 8: Issue with message app

Message app is not working properly after updating the device with iOS 8.3 is one of the issues about which many users have placed complain so far. Here are the potential fixes for that.


  • If the message app in your iPhone is not acting properly, toggle off the option and toggle it back on.
  • If the problem persists, reboot it once by pressing the sleep/wake and home buttons together for few seconds. It has been noticed that the issue got fixed this way for many users.
  • The last option is to reset the network settings that require you to head towards Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings and then provide the Wi-Fi password again to set up the connection.


Problem 9: iOS 8.3 performance issue

Slow performance, lagging, freezing, etc. are the performance issues that is being experienced by many users after the iOS 8.3 update. Read out the solutions here.


  • Animation, parallax effects, etc. are only intended to enhance the look of the iPhone but these will sluggish the performance of the device. So turn them off by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.
  • You can also reduce transparency by going to settings as this feature too just enhances the look of the device and nothing else. Head to settings> General> Accessibility> Increase contrast > Reduce transparency and make this option on.
  • Resetting the phone’s settings also can do a great job where you need to head into the settings> General> Reset and then Reset all settings.
  • If none of the above methods work for you, perform a factory reset and the problem will be definitely solved.


Problem 10: App related issues

Complaints about app performance after the update of iOS 8.3 is very frequent, however, there is nothing to worry about as various issues come to the light after a major iOS update and this is the case with iOS 8.3. Read here the possible fixes for that.


  • The first thing is to ensure that the apps regarding which you are having trouble are updated. In case you forget to update the app, You can enable automatic updates. Here is how to do that. Head to settings > iTunes & App store > Updates and toggle the option on.
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  • If the above solution does not work out for you, try reinstalling the app after uninstalling it completely.
  • If that doesn’t work, contact the developer of the application as this might be a bug which if brought to the eyes of developers can be updated to fix the bug.


Problem 11: Bluetooth issues

This is another most common issue that has been faced by many of the iOS device users after they have moved to the iOS 8.3 version. Read the solutions below.


  • ‘Reset all settings’ is a good option that worked for many users to resolve the problem. So, first try out this option by going to Settings > General > Reset> Reset all settings. Now check if the problem is fixed for you. This process might take bit time while you will also lose the complete settings of your iPhone and need to set it again.
  • If a device is not connecting with the car’s Bluetooth system, resetting the Bluetooth connection will be helpful in this case.


Problem 12: iOS 8.3 cellular data related issues

Not many users have faced issues with cellular data connection but some have complained about it.


  • Restart your device first by pressing down the sleep/wake and home buttons altogether. This simple trick has worked out for many, so you too can try this.
  • Next toggle off and on the cellular data switch by going to cellular > cellular data from the settings.
  • If the above two solutions have not worked for you, then place your phone in Airplane mode, wait for few seconds and then turn off the option. Check now if the phone’s cellular data is behaving normally.
  • Finally, contact the service provider if the same problem still exists.


Problem 13: Touch ID not working

Touch ID not working or facing issues while using Touch ID in the App store is an issue with many users after they have moved to the iOS 8.3 version. However, some of them have also stated of resolving the issue just after few days of the update while others are still struggling with it. Below is the fix for that.


  • First, launch the Settings app and head to Touch ID & Passcode.
  • Turn off the iTunes App store option by toggling the switch.
  • Now reboot the device.
  • Launch the settings app again to turn on back the iTunes App store option from Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> iTunes App store. This might solve the issue quickly.
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Problem 14: iCloud storage is not showing properly

This is a very strange issue where many users have reported that their iOS device is not showing the proper iCloud storage. For example, a user has stated that his device is showing there is only 1 GB cloud storage left while this is totally incorrect.


There are no such fixes for this issue yet as Apple employees too admitted of having the same issue on their iOS devices. So, it might be a bug on which Apple is working to come out with the fixes. What you can do in the meantime is downgrade the device to an earlier version or else update it with the latest version and hopefully the issue will get resolved.



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