iOS 13.1.2, iPadOS 13.1.2 and watchOS 6.0.1 Updates Released by Apple

Apple has been releasing updates for the iOS 13 rapidly these days. We recently got the iOS 13.1.1 update and now we have the iOS13.1.2 update along with the iPadOS 13 update. This is the third update in a week and is a minor one with no significant changes, but only bug fixes. There is also a new watchOS 6.0.1 update, which released this week.

The iOS 13 update brought a load of features like Shortcut Automations, sharing ETAs, a swipe keyboard, dark mode and more. The iOS 13.1.1 update brought some bug fixes regarding security and Bluetooth, as well as some fixes to Safari and Reminders.

iOS 13.1.2 update fixes some common but minor bugs on the iOS 13 which were faced by many users. The update is around 70 MB in size in the iPhone 11 Pro Max device and was even as low as 50 MB in some other devices. The build number of the update is 17A860. This is a bug fix update just like the iOS 13.1.1 update. Apple is pushing out bug fixes for the iOS 13 devices back to back this week.

Apple iOS 13.1.2

iCloud Progress Bar Fixed

The first fix that comes with the iOS 13.1.2 and the iPad OS 13.1.2 updates is related to iCloud. Some iCloud users were facing a problem where the users performed an iCloud backup. The progress bar failed to show a completion indication even after the update was successful. Users had to restart the phone to get rid of the progress bar. The new update fixes this bug and now the users are notified when the backup is complete.

Flashlight Bug

Another small issue that the iOS 13.1.2 fixed was related to the flashlight. Sometimes, when you accessed the control panel from the bottom of the screen and touched the Flashlight icon, it wouldn’t respond. This update fixed the bug that caused this issue.

Camera Bug

One of the major bugs that the iOS 13.1.2 fixed was the camera bug where when the users opened the camera app, they would be greeted with a black screen instead of the image from the camera. Users had to clear the camera app from the recent app list and restart the app to make it work again. The iOS 13.1.2 update fixes this issue and users should not face this bug again.

Missing Display Camera Calibration

For some iOS 13 users, the display seemed to be a little off with some extra yellow hints. This was due to the display calibration data being lost in some iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max devices. The displays of these devices were calibrated properly during manufacturing, but they were not able to access this calibration data due to the bug. This bug is also fixed with the iOS 13.1.2 update. The same bug was encountered in some iWatch devices and is now fixed with the new watchOS 6.0.1 update.

Apple watchOS

More watchOS 6.0.1 bug fixes

The watchOS 6.0.1 update was also a bug fix update where it fixed some issues with the Mickey and Minnie Mouse watch faces that did not say the time. The new update also fixes an issue where the calendar app did not display events.

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