iOS 12.1.4 Update: It’s Friday and Apple’s Solution to the FaceTime Bug is Yet to be Released

iOS 12.1.4 Update: It’s Friday and Apple’s Solution to the FaceTime Bug is Yet to be Released

When the issue of overhearing on Apple devices running on iOS while using the FaceTime group calling feature suddenly cropped up this week, it was indicated that Apple is seized of the issue and will come with the fix before the week is out. Now, with Friday on us, there’s very little time left with the company to release the update which should be iOS 12.1.4.

It Could Happen Anytime Soon

Nothing stops Apple from posting the 12.1.4 update or version for OTA download and installation within Friday. But there has been no official communication to this effect from the company so far and there is anxiety among some sections. This is a privacy issue since the caller on FaceTime is able to listen in on the other end even without the recipient of the call answering it. It must, however, be acknowledged that Apple has suspended the feature and the FaceTime feature cannot be used for group calling. Only one-to-one calls are being permitted.


It must be acknowledged too, that companies do take time to set right bugs and vulnerabilities and it was only on Monday that the present issue was made public. Some reports suggest that there was some time lost between when the lady who noticed the bug and reported to the company and it finally got to the section or team within the organization that deals with finding the solution to such issues.

Whatever the background to this whole issue, there is one view doing the rounds that Apple was already working on the iOS 12.1.4 update when this new FaceTime bug got reported. This might have pushed the team back on finalizing on the update. But then these are just surmising one is making from the outside, still hoping that the update will reach the users of the devices soonest.

If you are keen to continue using the FaceTime group calling feature on your iOS device, you may have to wait for a few more days till Apple sends in the update with the fix and then remove the block from the server end.

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