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iOS 11 Was Jailbroken in Just Three Weeks

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the latest tech reveals, then you already know what went down at the Worldwide Developer Conference that began at the beginning of this month in San Jose, California. We’re talking about Apple announcing the new iOS 11, of course. The new version of the Cupertino tech giant’s in-house mobile OS is currently out for beta testing, and it’s bound to be released officially this fall.

Needless to say, all the new devices unveiled at WWDC 2017 will also run best on iOS 11, so everyone is waiting for it to come out. iOS 11 is a version of the beloved operating system that Apple designed that is specifically catered towards tablets. Although the iPhone will also get some cool new features with it, iOS 11 is said to mainly optimize the iPad. The plan is that, by this fall, most of Apple’s tablets will be able to replace laptops on any given day.

Jailbreak Demo on iOS 11

Is that doable? We don’t know yet. What we do know is that iOS 11 has already been jailbroken by a devoted Chinese team, and it only took them three weeks. If we consider that iOS 10 is notorious for being hard to jailbreak, the ease with which this has been done on iOS 11 is questionable, to say the least.

This new jailbreak was revealed at the 2017 edition of China’s Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC), and it was done in order to prove that iOS 11 can be broken. This will most likely be a call towards Apple to improve security on the operating system, so don’t expect it to come out any time soon. In fact, let’s hope it doesn’t come out at all, because jailbreaking is old news and shouldn’t be attempted anymore.

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