iOS 11 Update from Apple Doesn’t Come with Pleasant Surprises

iOS 11 Update from Apple Doesn’t Come with Pleasant Surprises

With the new software update from Apple, not everybody was thrilled about its useful and major upgrades (especially for iPads).

Those who own iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and forth generation iPads are going to be eliminated from the new update. You can expect as much from Apple and the older versions, so it is time for the newer generation to come forth and enjoy the upgrades and improvements like 2012’s iPhone 5, 2013’s iPhone 5C and 2012’s iPad fourth generation.

Even though we have been introduced to newer iPhones and other devices, not everybody could afford to pass from their old generation, so there are still millions of users out there that still use these devices and will be let down seeing their support coming to an end.

The reason for the end support for iPhone 5 and 5C and forth generation iPad is that they have 32-bit processors (A6 chip) while the future is the 64-bit processor but the iOS 11 will have this logic go with all the 32-bit apps from Apple store.

Another “bad news” is that Apple won’t let users with newer versions of iPhones, iPod Touch or iPads to use them when they are restoring the devices. For example, if you have an iPhone 7 and it still uses the 32-bit app, if the device will restore, upgrade or replace in the near future, the app will just go missing. The progress comes with costs, so in case you are affected, the ones you should condemn would be the lazy app developers and not Apple.

Another big punch is that users will be no longer allowed to log into third-party apps using only the social media accounts. Even though this has become really popular over the years, if you use, for example Facebook to login WhatsApp, OpenTable, Spotify or others, this will be forbidden once the update takes place.

Considering the integration of the social media with iOS: Twitter since 2011 with iOS 5, Facebook in 2012 with iOS6, Flicker and Vimeo in 2013 with iOS 7, it is rather frustrating, even for Apple. From now on, we need to start and log in through a web browser and then be redirected to the third party.

Will Apple make it up with the iOS 11 update to the users after this fiasco that was produced? Maybe something like an Apple password manager based on ID? For now, the successful company remains quiet and doesn’t comment.

We do hope that at some point, some answers will be made known before the three months iOS 11’s full release and that Apple will justify the removal of the social media log ins.



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