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iOS 11 Still Lacks Something on the iPad Pro

As you all may well know by now, Apple announced quite a handful of new stuff during their keynote speech at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference that began this Monday, June 5. Two of the most important things that Apple revealed at WWDC 2017 are the new iOS 11 and the new iPad Pro in its two screen size variants, the revamped 10.5-inch and the brand new 12.9-inch.

The new and improved iOS 11 is aimed mostly at iPads, as per Apple exec statements. Although it also brings cool new things to the iPhone and even to the forgotten iPod, the OS’s main concern is optimizing iPads to the point where they can function as proper laptops. But they manage to pull this off, or is it just wishful thinking? Well, the answer is a bit more nuanced that a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Sharing Is Caring

Naturally, all the iPad Pros on display at the conference ran the current beta version of iOS 11, as they should. While this was a very clever way to present both new additions in one all-encompassing device, it also already hinted at the potential flaws that iOS 11 currently has. One major problem was detected with this beta version running on the iPads at WWDC: sharing. Yep, sharing.

As of now, the new iOS 11 running on iPads doesn’t solve the issue with device-sharing. We understand that this is very tricky to do, but Apple seemed to be on the right track towards it, so we were certainly expecting to see it in iOS 11. However, it’s true that the operating system is currently on its first developer beta preview, so it still has long way to go. Maybe the final version will provide a solution to this issue. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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