Is iOS 11 Really Available to Install?

As you might already know, Apple’s long-expected keynote speech at WWDC 2017 finally happened on June 5th. And, as we all predicted, it came with some very interesting reveals, such as the new iOS 11. The new iOS 11 has long been rumored to be unveiled at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Diego, California, and we’re sure glad the rumors were true.

The new iOS 11 will come with a lot of cool new features for both iPhones and iPads, but it’s more iPad oriented than before. This new version of Apple’s own operating system will fully optimize many models of iPad to the point that they will feel and behave like true laptops. We can’t wait to see it come to life.

Seeing as the new version was just officially announced by Apple, it’s no secret that it’s currently available for beta testing only by developers. The public developer program doesn’t start until next month, and the official final version rolls out this fall at the earliest. This means that, if you’re not a developer, you have to wait long and hard for the new iOS 11 to come to your iPhone or iPad.

Everything you need in order to download the new iOS 11 on your phone or tablet is already up for grabs on the Internet. However, if you have a developer friend, you can also ask him or her for help with this, and if they’re kind enough to send you the installation kit, you’re set. If you don’t like the beta version of iOS 11, you can always downgrade back to iOS 10.3.2, the current version of iOS 10 that many devices already work on.

So, will be testing out the new iOS 11? Let us know in the comment section below.

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