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iOS 11 Most Essential Features – The World’s Most Advanced Mobile OS

During the 2017 WWDC from San Jose, California, Apple announced lots of updated targeted at tvOS, macOS, watchOS, and iOS. Have a look at some of the most important iOS 11 features.

List of new essential features for iOS 11

  • The Messages app gets a redesigned App Drawer which will make it easier to share content through the app.
  • The Message app will sync across various devices, so watch out if you delete a message on your iPhone, as it will get also deleted on your iPad.
  • You will be able to transfer money to your friends via Apple Pay through the Message app.
  • Siri will offer multiple results, and it will translate languages in real-time. Siri will also extend beyond voice, using on-device learning in order to be able to deliver more customized and personalized experiences. It will offer suggestions based on the user’s personal usage of News, Safari, Message, Mail and more.
  • The Camera, Photos, and Videos apps will also be updated. The Camera app will support high-efficiency video coding. Live Photos will be editable, and you’ll be able to trim the video loops. The Photos app will use a new tech, the High-Efficiency Image File Format.
  • The Control Center is redesigned by the company and the interface will support 3D Touch.
  • The Lock Screen has been improved, and you’ll be able to see all of your Notifications in one single place.
  • The Maps app will support indoor mall and airport maps.
  • Apple iOS 11 will come with a very useful feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving which will help drivers stay focused by silencing notifications automatically.
  • The Home app will feature multi-room support for speakers.
  • The AirPlay is updated to offer multi-room streaming.
  • The News app is also updated with a brand new Spotlight tab.
  • The Apple Music Profiles are revamped, and you’ll be able to check out what your friends at listening to.
  • The Apple App Store will be reviewed every 24 hours, and the company is revamping its interface.
  • The functionality of Apple Pencil will be improved, and it will support searchable handwriting and in-line drawing.

You can check out more new features of iOS 11 and more details about Apple’s announcement from the WWDC in Apple’s preview here.

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