Is iOS 11 Jailbreak Really Possible? – The Current Jailbreak Developments

Is iOS 11 Jailbreak Really Possible? – The Current Jailbreak Developments

If you have been using Apple phones in the past years, you already know how important jailbreaking used to be back then. An iPhone was not complete without several jailbreak tweaks that improved everything.

However, this is no longer the case. First of all, Apple managed to bring most of the features that were needed by their users. But this is not the reason why the jailbreak community is almost over. Apple also became very strict and it removed any vulnerability that could have helped jailbreak developers.

Constant updates

One thing that is a problem for the jailbreaking community is the fact that iOS receives constant updates. For example, iOS 11 already received its third update, despite the fact that the OS has been released less than a month ago. This means that developers have to constantly adapt, which is almost impossible since new updates come out frequently.

Jailbreak iOS 11

Since the latest iOS version available for jailbreak is iOS 10.2.1, no one would have expected news about an iOS 11 jailbreak. However, it appears that Luca Todesco, the Italian developer that helped the jailbreaking community so many times, made a huge jailbreak breakthrough for iOS 11. This means that an iOS 11 jailbreak is possible, but we do not know if Todesco is willing to ever make it public. However, it might motivate other developers.

Apple stopped signing recent versions

Another reasons why we might not see a jailbreak for iOS 11 too is the fact that Apple recently stopped signing iOS 10.3.3. This made downgrade impossible so users will have to stick with newer versions that do not have jailbreak. And that is not everything. It appears that Apple will stop signing the original version of iOS 11.



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