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iOS 11 Coming on September 19 With New Features

So far, Apple has been releasing beta versions of iOS 11 to users who wanted to test out the new software’s features, before being officially ready for launch, on September 19. It’s not sure exactly when iOS 11 will roll out to iPhones and iPads, but fans believe it will be sometime around 10 a.m. PT. So, will it bring?

When Apple hold its annual WWDC event that took place in June, it didn’t announce all features that will be added to iOS 11, and they have been discovered on the way, in the beta versions of the software that were released for testers (developers and regular users). First of all, they noticed tweaks to iMessage app, which has a new drawer. Also, there are new screen effects and the Lock Screen has replaced Notification Center. Besides the new look, this place has also new quirks, and it will be an amazing user experience when checking notifications.

Siri, the popular intelligent assistant is expanding its attributions, so it will be possible to text with it, not only to talk to it. And if you don’t want app developers to know your location, you will have the option to keep it private, so the application won’t be able to track you when you launch it.

And if you have friends who want to connect to your WiFi network, the request can be approved directly on your iOS device, so you won’t need to reveal your password. Speaking of passwords, your applications will require iCloud Keychain password manager, which will protect them better.

There is also a new Emergency SOS feature that can be used when something bad happens to you and you need help. So, if you will press the wake button five times, this will trigger this life saving feature.

A very useful application in iOS is Notes and Apple thought about adding more features to it. One of the things you’ll like about using Notes app is the ability to scan documents directly from the application.

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