iOS 11 Comes with Augmented Reality and New Changes

Exactly one week ago, last Monday on the 5th of June, Apple announced the new iOS 11 at their WWDC 2017 in San Jose, California. There were many other great reveals on the part of Apple at the conference, which goes to show that Apple have big things in store for us. But iOS 11 is definitely one of the best announcements so far, seeing that the new version of their in-house OS promises to bring a lot of cool new features, especially for iPads. Let’s have a look.

Augmented Reality

One of the most exciting features that the new iOS 11 will have is augmented reality. As Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of Software Engineering said, iOS 11 aims to be ‘the biggest AR platform in the world’ through the help of ARKit, a program that allows iPhone and iPad users build augmented reality experiences. Developers will be able to use ARKit to produce virtual content over the top of real-life imagery, and the results shall be both detailed and convincing. This means that we will be able to play around with AR from the comfort of our Apple devices, which is something extremely new and forward thinking.

Better for iPad

Another thing that was made evident by Federighi’s speech is that the new iOS 11 will cater specifically to iPads for the most part, although the iPhone and iPod won’t be left behind either. Apple aims that, through iOS 11, all their more recent iPads will be able to function at their best and turn into valuable laptop replacements even. This is a bold statement, but seeing how the new beta iOS 11 was working on the prototype iPad Pros present at WWDC, we completely believe this to be the case.

iOS 11 is currently in its first beta testing phase. The stable official version will roll out in September, so stay tuned.

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