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iOS 11 Beta 4 New Features, Fixes and Improvements

If you’re an Apple fan and/or an overall tech enthusiast that always has their news up to date and in order, then you know that Apple’s new version of their own operating system is coming to all devices that support it this fall. We’re talking about iOS 11, of course. Well, the OS is currently in its fourth beta testing preview, which means that it managed to catch up to speed with Android O.

The fourth beta preview for iOS 11 is available for both certified developers, as well as the general public to try out right now. If you’re not a developer, all you need to do is register in Apple’s public beta testing program using your Apple ID and password. Yes, it’s that simple, and if you do it you can get your hands on the current beta preview of iOS 11 in no time. And then, if iOS 11 beta 4 is no longer adequate and you want to revert back to iOS 10.3.3, the current stable version, you can do so in an Apple-approved process.

What’s New

But let’s see what iOS beta 4 brings new to the table, shall we? Well, for starters, now you can clear all the notifications on the Lock Screen with a single swipe, which is something that was much needed in iOS 11. On top of that, new icons have been added, which is something that Android O beta recently did as well, but in a different way and with a different purpose.

For iOS 11 beta 4, the new icons that were introduced are for Notes, Contacts and Reminders. The Wi-Fi icon has been updated as well. For a visual accompaniment to all that has been discussed above, as well some extra new features, watch the video embedded below.

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