iOS 11.2.5 Beta 5 for iPhone and iPad users Brings New Improvements

It’s a cold day which makes it perfect to stay at home and cozy up with a fresh iOS 11.2.5. beta version release and get lost in it for a while. Apple has released overnight (just two days away from the public beta 4 version) the fifth beta iOS 11 version (iOS 11.2.5) for developer testing purposes, available now to everyone on the Apple Public Beta developer center.

You might wonder why it was released so fast after the beta 4 version and we can only assume that Apple wants to make room for implementing some broad profile features such as: better battery life, parental control, Siri enhancement or even the return of AirPlay 2 (hinted at by the 11.2.5 beta release) into the next beta version.

Apple has skipped a few version numbers in between beta versions and official releases and we are not yet certain about where the latest beta falls in line. Therefore, don’t expect iOS 11.2.5. to be groundbreaking in any way because it looks more like a maintenance upgrade. This beta follows the official iOS 11.2.2. release and it appears to be focusing on improving the security and fixing bugs.

While the iOS 11.2.5. beta is free (as long as you have a valid Apple ID) and might be tempting to try out so that you can get familiar with additional features and test performance, we suggest you avoid the pre-release software if you rely on your device through an entire work or school day. If this is the case, you should probably stick to the version you’re currently on. If you don’t know exactly which iOS version number is running on your device at the moment, you can find out by opening your device’s Settings and tapping on “About”.

We are unsure about the iOS 11.2.5. beta size but if you decide to give it a go, then you need to make some space on your device. Open your device’s storage to cleanup the files you no longer need and use this opportunity to also backup your stored data.

No matter what the final software version number will turn out to be, we expect the iOS 11.2.5. beta to probably be the last release we get before the public release before the end of the month.

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