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Is iOS 10 Jailbreaking Finally Dead?

For many iOS users, jailbreaking has always been a fun activity to try out in order to customize and personalize devices. How many of us that used to own an iPod back in the day didn’t try to jailbreak it? You’d be lying if you said no, I’m sure. But as of late, jailbreaking has become next to impossible. When they designed iOS 10, developers over at Apple managed to close up any possible loophole that jailbreakers could exploit.

In fact, one renowned jailbreaker known as Luca Todesco called it quits a few months ago, after discovering that the only jailbreak he could bring out for iOS 10 was a very dangerous one. Todesco released his creation out in the world and then announced he would quit trying to jailbreak iOS 10 once and for all. On top of that, Todesco warned everyone who might want to use his jailbreak against it, because it was highly dangerous for some devices.

However, another renowned jailbreak group known as PanGu expressed their intention to release a new and highly functional iOS 10 jailbreak as soon as iOS 10.3.2 was released. Yey, we all know that the newest version of Apple’s operating system already came out for a while now, so where’s the jailbreak? PanGu have been keeping radio silence on the topic, and while many still had hope for it last week, all hope towards this seems to have died out.

And it rightfully should. While jailbreaking might have been fun ten years ago, it’s no secret that it became more dangerous and unreliable as years went by and iOS progressed. In fact, a faulty jailbreak can now fry your phone for good. And seeing how Apple devices cost a pretty penny, why would you do that to yourself? I think it’s time we declare jailbreaking dead and never speak of it again.

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