iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaked to Precisely Show when a Notification has been Received

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaked to Precisely Show when a Notification has been Received

Recently, a jailbreak improvement was released for the iOS that was tweaked to show exactly when notifications are received. Previously, notifications that were received more than one hour ago would just simply display a ‘’1h ago’’ message on them, not differentiating if it was 2 or 24 hours. Not able to see when notifications were accurately received could have been a source of annoyance, especially if you were expecting an important message. It would just be lumped together with other messages in the Notification Center, all having the same badged attached to time when it was received.

ExactTime jailbreak

Luckily, a jailbreak for notification is available in the form of the ExactTime tool. What this does is that it replaces the regular ‘’1h ago’’ notification badges with exact timestamps of when you’ve received your notifications.

Once downloaded, you do not have to modify or tweak anything in the tool. As soon as the kit is installed you are good to go with it. However, one thing to keep in mind that it is available only for the iOS 10, and only for that. Users of other versions of the iOS (iOS 9 or below) cannot make use of this jailbreak tool, at least not currently.

The jailbreak will affect two areas of the iOS, namely your Notification Center and the banners that show up when your screen is locked. The developer of the tool has made a good job in making the tool user friendly and efficient. It is very non-invasive and provides the information you require in all the right places. The previous timestamp was too vague and was of no help if you wanted to see an exact time of when you’ve received the notification.

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