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iOS 10.3.3 Update – Nothing Spectacular?

We all know by now that Apple announced the new iOS 11 that will be coming this fall. The big news was delivered during the company’s keynote speech on Monday, June 5 in San Jose, California at their Worldwide Developer Conference. WWDC 2017 was the place of many big reveals, but the new iOS 11 certainly took the cake if we’re to judge by the tech news and message boards stir-ups that followed.

What’s New with iOS

However, we need to remember that iOS 10 is still the current version that’s running across most devices, although iOS 11 is available for beta testing. The most recent version of iOS 10 that hit Apple devices was iOS 10.3.2, and it came about a month ago. But Apple won’t stop here, even though we should be preparing for iOS 11. Thus, the brand new iOS 10.3.3 is now up for beta testing and seeding as we speak, and it will soon hit iPhones and iPads worldwide.

iOS 10.3.3 – Nothing Spectacular

The new iOS 10.3.3 is nothing spectacular. It only comes with a new wallpaper feature for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, so it most likely came out in order to optimize new devices until iOS 11 finally launches. We weren’t expecting this release to be a big one or considerable by any means, seeing as the all-new version of iOS is in the making right now. But we did need a leeway, something to optimize newer devices announced at WWDC until the new iOS 11 comes.

That’s exactly what iOS 10.3.3 is, and we’re not mad at it. It was a totally necessary development, and we’re excited to see it hitting devices, especially the new iPad Pro 12.9-inch. Other than that, the big news will come when iOS 11 drops.

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