iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak Leaks and Details

If you’re the tinkerer type, you might want to jailbreak your device. If you want to get more from your own iPad and iPhone, it’s a great idea. However, it started to decline in popularity in the recent years. The process still evolves, though it’s rather difficult to do it yourself.

Can You Do It for iOS 10.3.3?

The latest stable version issued for Apple is the iOS 10.3.3. The iOS 10 proved to be quite difficult to jailbreak. The tech giant is constantly issuing additional security items and software updates, which makes it impossible to jailbreak it. This is why it’s not actually possible to do it, but also you shouldn’t either.

A Sad Decline

The jailbreak community used to be quite flourishing before. It was useful for many users who wanted to customize their apps and the system. However, Apple brought all the changes that were available before only with jailbreaks into the newer versions of the OS. For this reason, jailbreaking has become rather useless.

In fact, many programmers quit doing this and got hired at Apple. Moreover, there is also the moral component to be taken into account. For instance, the founder of the App Store Cydia, which was dedicated to jailbreak, had also given up this practice. He claimed that he made this decision thinking of the potential it had for hacking phones and for evil purposes.

No Jailbreak Available

There is no jailbreak available for the iOS 10.3.3. It’s a sad news, but Apple doesn’t let users downgrade to versions that can be jailbroken. Chances are really small for us to receive such a tool for this version. Even Luca Todesco, a famous jailbreaker, said that the effort put into jailbreaking does not offer so many rewards as it used to. Eventually, he also quit this industry to focus on other things.

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