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iOS 10.3.2 Upgrade – Yay or Nay?

If you’re an Apple device user, you might already know the big news. For those that haven’t caught up yet, iOS 10.3.2 is finally here. If you remember when Apple rolled out 10.3.1, then you might know that it wasn’t anything too spectacular. Many thought that would be the case for iOS 10.3.2 as well, and it sure seems like a boring update at first glance. But it’s not, and we’ll tell you why.

As with any new iOS update as of late, the new variant is compatible with iPhones from 5 upwards, sixth gen iPods and newer, and iPads 4 and beyond. That means that not only newer devices get the star treatment with iOS, and that’s certainly a good thing. But what does this update actually bring new? Keep reading to find out.

iOS Update: Yay or Nay?

While the new iOS 10.3.2 might not bring a whole lot of new features, and nothing major changes with it, it’s a very important update as far as your device security is concerned. The new version of Apple’s operating system for iPods, iPads and iPhones comes with over 20 new security patches and fixes, and some are for pretty nasty issues.

Therefore, if you care about the safety of your personal data (and you should), you need to install the new iOS version right now. If you haven’t been notified about it automatically by your device, but you know for sure that said device is compatible with the new iOS, then you could check for it manually and install it yourself. However, seeing how Apple is very prompt in sending out updates to devices, it shouldn’t take long for it to come to your device organically.

Conclusion: The new iOS 10.3.2 makes your devices safer, so you should install it as soon as you get the chance!

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