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iOS 10.3.1 PanGu Jailbreak Update Comes in August with New Improvements

Ever since iOS first came out, the new favorite activity for it was jailbreaking. Jailbreaking your iOS device, be it an iPhone, iPad or even iPod, has some advantages for sure. One thing that everybody loves about it is the multitude of options it give you to customize and organize your device. Apple is pretty stiff when it comes to delimiting what you can and cannot do with your iOS device, and jailbreaking has been the way to go around that until now.

However, ever since iOS 10 was released, many hackers that were also notorious jailbreakers called it quits on designing a new method for the new operating system. In fact, there is no functional iOS 10 jailbreak on the market to this day. Many have tried, but it seems that Apple simply managed to fully cover themselves on all bases this time. There are no more loopholes for hackers to exploit in the new version of the OS, so no more jailbreaking for us.

However, a few months ago, Chinese jailbreaking team PanGu announced that they will be putting out a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1 as soon as the next version, iOS 10.3.2, rolls out. However, the new version has been released for a few weeks now, but there is still no word on the new jailbreak from PanGu. Many have started believing that the hack is simply not coming, especially after seeing that many other great names in the jailbreak game have declared they will no longer be pursuing such activities.

But there is still a ray of hope for all us jailbreak enthusiasts out there. Word in the tech world has it that PanGu are still putting out the jailbreak, but a bit later, sometime in August. We’ll just have to wait and see if that’s true or not.

  1. Let’s not complicate this issue; Pangu is being paid big money to help Apple secure their iOS. Do you really think that Pangu is going to say no to this sweet deal and develop a free jailbreak for us? I think not. Remember Occam’s razor and ignore all the BS speculation and ridiculous theories/reasons the jailbreak hasn’t been released – it never will be unless something completely unexpected happens or another player enter the field. Not trying to be a pessimist, but I am a realist.

  2. “No functional ios10 jailbreak to this day”?…Wtf you talkin bout Willis? I’m writing this on my jailbroken iPhone running iOS 10.1.1 (Yalu102)

  3. BS. 100% BS. Pangu is done with jailbreaking and they have nothing to do with the exploit being released in August, which is just that – an exploit – not a jailbreak.

  4. the reason all these other developers are bowing out is because they can’t compete with team pangu, the Chinese have always excelled in the field of security exploitation. If it can be hacked then the Chinese will do it

  5. That article is 100% speculation. But a good guess considering 10.3.3 is in beta and will likely go public by their august prediction.

    1. indeed, a lot of these articles are speculation! some of them even read in the tone of a child throwing his toys out the stroller because the jailbreak isn’t here RIGHT NOW when people demand it. the jailbreak community make me sick sometimes. The cancerous fake articles that shroud the articles people need to read get on nerves

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