The Invention That Could Turn Your Skin Into A Display

Japanese researchers have big plans for their new technology.

The small screens of some devices might not be a problem in the future. A team of Japanese researchers has developed a technology that allows a person to turn its skin into a display. The invention is a very thin and flexible layer that can be applied on the skin to create what the Japanese called “electronic skin display”.

As those from CNET write, at first, this technology would be used only during training and to show some indicators associated with a person’s health. The thin layer would be applied to a person’s skin and it would connect with a wearable device, to display, among other things, the heart rate and the blood oxygen level. But the Japanese, as we said before, have even bigger plans for their new invention.

Takao Someya, a teacher at Tokyo University, said that an electronic display applied to the skin could even show the person’s feelings or the stress level. Thus, it could change the way we communicate with people around us. The layer has a thickness of a millimeter, is resistant to air and temperature, and could have an autonomy of a few days.

Recently, the scientists from the King Abdulah Science and Technology University of Saudi Arabia have created the first working prototype of human skin. This is a huge success just because the human skin is a very complex organ. The replication of human skin involves the need to detect pressure, touch, proximity, temperature, humidity and pH level, all in the same time. You may think that it would require highly sophisticated sensors and circuits for this performance, but the team used napkins, sticky notes, aluminum foils, and sponges.

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