Interesting Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome

If you are one of the people who are constantly using Google Chrome, then most likely you know a lot of things about it. However, there are some tips and tricks that are not available for everybody, and for this reason it’s a good idea to read on. You might even find some information that will make your life easier!

  1. Use the latest version.

Some people have a habit of keeping some tabs permanently open and not closing the browser completely. Even though this is not a bad thing in itself, it prevents the program from updating itself. As such, for security reasons, you should make sure that you are currently using the latest browser version. If you want to check what version you have, you can just look at the three vertical dots menu: if the dots are green, you are using the latest one, if they are yellow, there is an update pending, and if they are red, you should really update it.

  1. Remove the extensions you’re not using.

Sometimes there are programs that install extensions that you don’t really need. Or maybe you yourself use an extension briefly and then you stop using it. Either way, simply type chrome://extensions in the address bar and you can manage your extensions from there.

  1. Remove unwanted plugins.

Similar to the extensions, there are various plugins that you may not be using. Type chrome://plugins and you can manage them there.

  1. Use the Data Saver extension.

You might not know this, but the problem with you surfing the web might be due to a slow internet  connection, and not the browser itself. One way to fix this is to install the Data Saver extension. This relies on the Google servers to optimize the web pages by compressing them before being accessed by your browser.

  1. Recover a closed tab.

Closing a tab by accident and then realizing you need it is not something as rare as you’d want it to be. Thankfully, there is a shortcut that helps you reopen the last tab, namely Ctrl + Shift + T if you’re using Linux or Windows and Command + Shift + T on Mac.

  1. Use shortcut keys.

Shortcuts are really useful when it comes to saving time when doing certain operations. For this reason, you should make yourself familiar with the available shortcuts. You can simply Google the secret shortcuts for your browser or you can set yourself some customized ones.

  1. Play media.

Did you know you can play media on your browser? There are some file types that are supported by the Chrome browser, and as such you can play them simply by dragging them on the browser window.

  1. Use the task manager.

Google Chrome uses its own task manager. If you want to access it, you can go to the menu button found on the right of the address bar (the three vertical dots one), select More Tools and then go to Task Manager.

  1. Use the spacebar.

Not many people know this, but you can use your spacebar in order to scroll down when you’re on a webpage. If you want to scroll back up, simply press Shift together with the spacebar.

  1. Play with the T-Rex.

Most likely you already know the T-Rex that appears whenever Google Chrome encounters an issue or you lose your connection to the Internet. However, we’re sure you don’t know that you can play with it. Pressing the spacebar will make the T-Rex jump and start a simple game. In the game, you have to jump over cacti in a style similar to the Mario game.

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